Supplier News

  1. Create Your Own Colors: BASF And X-Rite Break New Ground In Color Coating Of Tablets
    BASF and X-Rite Inc. now offer an easy-to-handle on-site approach to color coating tablets by combining X-Rite's ColorEye XTH handheld spectrophotometer for color measurement with BASF's Kollicoat® IR Coating Systems.
  2. Ross Appoints New Asian Regional Sales Manager
    Bogard Lagman, the former Executive Vice President of Charles Ross & Son Company has been appointed the new Regional Sales Manager for Asian and Middle Eastern countries.
  3. Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduces Next-Generation Handheld Analyzer For Raw Material Identification
    Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., the world leader in serving science, recently announced the release of the Thermo Scientific TruScan RM, a handheld analyzer designed for rapid identification of raw materials and finished product inspection.
  4. X-Rite Nearly Doubles The Locations This Spring For Its Fundamentals Of Color And Appearance Seminars To Teach Principles Of Color Measurement
    X-Rite, Incorporated has nearly doubled the locations this spring where it will be offering its Fundamentals of Color and Appearance (FOCA) one-day seminar that instructs quality control and assurance professionals, lab technicians, parts suppliers, pre-media and digital pressroom personnel and manufacturing specifiers on how to evaluate and approve colors in their workflows.
  5. New Mixing System Introduced By Ross
    Charles Ross & Son Company recently introduced a new mixing and dispersion system. The new system combines a Ross High Shear Mixer and a specially designed PowerMix for use in manufacturing fine dispersions.
  6. Eriez PM Rare Earth Grate-In-Housings Protect Plastic Processors
    Eriez’ new, state-of-the-art PM Rare Earth Grate-in-Housings complement the wide array of grate magnets offered by Eriez, a pioneer in permanent magnetic separation since 1942.
  7. Custom Pharmaceutical Sanitary Tanks, Storage Vessels, Reactors And Transfer Vessels Offered By Ross
    During the last two decades, Ross has grown to be one of the best-equipped and most highly respected custom fabricators in North America.
  8. On Demand Webinar: Weighing in Hazardous Areas
    METTLER TOLEDO, Equipment and products operating in hazardous areas are required to meet stringent criteria. They must be 'protected' to avoid the possibility of them becoming a source of ignition. Weighing systems are often an integral part of a process within the hazardous area and therefore must have suitable protection.
  9. On Demand Webinar: Best Practice in Piece Counting
    In this webinar we will cover the fundamental principle of piece counting and the challenges associated with it. You will learn from best practice examples, how weighing solutions will help you to efficiently complete your counting task.
  10. On Demand Webinar: Smart Weighing Solutions for Lean Manufacturing
    This web-based seminar will provide an overview about Lean Manufacturing and how weighing solutions can help to continuously improve production processes.