News | January 18, 2010

New Option For EVM Series

Source: 3M Detection Solutions

PID ppb Sensor Option for EVM Environmental Monitors

Oconomowoc, WI - Quest Technologies, a 3M company, is pleased to announce the release of the photoionization detector (PID) parts per billion (ppb) sensor for the EVM Series of Environmental Monitors.

Superior Performance 10.6eV PID ppb
The high sensitivity photoionization detector enables users to accurately sense hundreds of volatile organic compound gases within a 0 to 50,000 parts per billion measurement range. This superior performance 10.6eV PID ppb features rapid response time, humidity compensation and contamination resistance technology, increasing the already advanced VOC detection capability of the EVM Series. The EVM's removable sensor bar provides easy access to the lamp and sensor, for quick field change-out and lamp maintenance.

Dual Purpose Monitoring for a Variety of Applications
The EVM-7 allows users to simultaneously monitor both particulates and gas concentrations in one compact instrument. This innovative two-in-one monitor reduces the need for multiple instruments and offers a lower cost of ownership. The ability to measure and log particulates (mass concentration), VOCs, toxic gas, carbon dioxide, relative humidity, temperature and air velocity (with optional accessory) make this dual purpose monitor well-suited for applications from LEED Certification to IAQ industrial hygiene surveying.

For more information on the PID ppb option for the EVM Series of Environmental Monitors, please review the EVM brochure, contact your authorized Quest Technologies Representative or contact our Sales Department.

SOURCE: 3M Detection Solutions