News | July 9, 2010

2-Way Seal Tite™ SL Diverters™ Offer Superior Dust Tight Seals

Source: Vortex Valves

The 2-Way Seal Tite™ SL Diverter provides a dust tight seal for material conveying from one source to two destinations.

Salina, KS – In gravity flow applications to divert material from one source to two destinations – Vortex® 2-Way Seal Tite™ Straight Line (SL) Diverters™ offer a versatile solution for dry bulk handling customers. The 2-Way Seal Tite SL Diverter by Vortex Valves North America – a division of the Salina Vortex Corporation – can be used for a wide range of nonabrasive to moderately abrasive powders, granulars, and pellets, such as sealing carbon black powder or diverting recycled glass. It is ideal for plastic, food, chemical, and agricultural applications that require a dust tight seal to minimize cross-contamination.

The 2-Way Seal Tite SL Diverter, also called a "K" style diverter, is engineered to channel the flow of material away from the leading edge of the flapper vane. This feature is critical to maintain seal integrity and inhibit material leakage across the closed legs of the valve. While other flapper diverters may leak past the vane shaft and trap material underneath, the 2-Way Seal Tite SL includes live-loaded, polymer shaft seals to eliminate this problem. The 2-Way Seal Tite also comes with a removable access port for easy inspection of the valve's internal components or for easy replacement of the seals and blade – without removing it from the conveying line.

The Vortex 2-Way Seal Tite SL Diverter is made of durable carbon or stainless steel and is available in 4״ to 30״ (100mm to 760mm) sizes. Vortex also offers a 2-Way Seal Tite Diverter in an "A" style, or a 3-Way Seal Tite Diverter. Adapting Vortex Seal Tite Diverters to meet system requirements is made easy with a wide selection of actuators, position indication switches, flanges, and inlet/outlet transitions. The Diverters also offers a wide variety of modifications to accommodate a range of temperatures, corrosive, humid, abrasive, and explosive environments.

SOURCE: Vortex Valves