Supplier News

  1. NEW Polyblend® Polymer Activation Systems MAGNUM Mix Chamber Increases Polymer Activation Efficiency By Up To 30%

    UGSI Solutions, Inc. is pleased to introduce and release the new Polyblend® MAGNUM mix chamber for immediate sale. Specifically, the MAGNUM mix chambers are available for sale as a retrofit to existing M‐Series emulsion polymer activation units (models M240‐M2400) or as a completely new M‐Series unit.

  2. Madico Names Sonoco Plastics 2013-14 Supplier Of The Year

    Sonoco, one of the largest diversified global packaging companies, has been named Supplier of the Year by Madico in their “Supplies and Services” category. A world leader in the coating, laminating and converting of specialty films in wide width, roll-to-roll formats, Madico selected Sonoco Plastics in recognition of outstanding quality, service, delivery, innovation and capability as a key supply partner.

  3. Charles Ross Announces Ultra-high Shear Homogenization And Particle Disintegration

    The Ross MegaShear Ultra-High Shear Mixer is designed for homogenizing dispersions and disintegrating large solid particles or droplets suspended in liquid. A unique inline rotor/stator design, the MegaShear’s mixing head (US Patent No. 6,241,472) turns at tip speeds well over 11,000 ft/min and generates extremely complex flow patterns without sacrificing throughput

  4. CAMO Releases New Version Of The Unscrambler® X Multivariate Data Analysis And Design Of Experiments Software

    As global demand for the commercial and practical insights provided by intelligent processing and analysis of large data sets continues to gather pace, CAMO Software has launched a new version of its all-in-one Multivariate Data Analysis (MVA) and Design of Experiments (DoE) software, The Unscrambler® X.

  5. Ross Announces Heavy-Duty Horizontal Paddle Blender

    Charles Ross & Son Company, a manufacturer of mixing, blending, drying and dispersion equipment since 1842, accepts custom fabrication projects for virtually any application.

  6. Eriez Promotes Blicha To Director - Corporate Communications

    Charlie Ingram, Eriez Vice President of Sales and Marketing, announced that John Blicha has been promoted to Director of Corporate Communications.

  7. Konica Minolta Sensing Releases Updated Firmware For FD-Series Spectrodensitometers

    Konica Minolta Sensing Americas, Inc. (KMSA), the worldwide leader in the industrial measurement of color, light and 3D shape, announces the US release of its updated firmware to its FD-Series Spectrodensitometers used in the digital imaging and printing markets.

  8. Powerful Multivariate Data Analysis Software Enables Engineers, Scientists And Data Analysts To Better Understand Complex Data

    CAMO Software is running a year-end campaign on their leading multivariate data analysis software, The Unscrambler X.

  9. X-Rite Launches New Color Light Booth To Improve Speed And Reduce Costs

    X-Rite, Incorporated has introduced the SpectraLight QC light booth and a training institute to give companies involved in global supply chains a superior way to visually evaluate the colors of samples for production readiness, helping to bring products to market quicker and reducing instances of waste.

  10. Pittcon 2013 Announces Short Course Program

    The Pittcon Organizing Committee is pleased to announce the listing for the 2013 Short Course program which runs March 16 through March 21, 2013. Short Courses are taught by industry experts; range from half-day up to two-day classes; and include beginner, intermediate, and advanced level curricula.