News | January 19, 2017

NEW Polyblend® Polymer Activation Systems MAGNUM Mix Chamber Increases Polymer Activation Efficiency By Up To 30%

Easy to install retrofit units available for legacy M‐Series Polyblend® units

UGSI Solutions, Inc. is pleased to introduce and release the new Polyblend® MAGNUM mix chamber* for immediate sale. Specifically, the MAGNUM mix chambers are available for sale as a retrofit to existing M‐Series emulsion polymer activation units (models M240‐M2400) or as a completely new M‐Series unit.

The MAGNUM mix chamber represents a purposeful evolution of the Polyblend® polymer activation family of systems by improving the existing industry standard setting designs. Real‐world testing has demonstrated that the new Magnum mix chamber design achieves even higher viscosity solutions than legacy mix chamber configurations by enhancing the proven two‐zone mixing energy profile with the 14,000 sec‐1 G‐Value that is currently available on all MSeries units. The carefully sized volume of the MAGNUM low energy mix zone increases polymer residence time and accelerates the “hydration/relaxation” of the activated polymer chains resulting in increased viscosity and ultimate performance.

Key MAGNUM Product Features:

1. High Energy/Low Energy Mixing Profile

  • Ratio of low‐to‐high energy mix zone volume was increased to increase residence time (T)
  • High‐energy mixing at the moment‐of‐initial‐wetting (MOIW) to achieve maximum hydration (high viscosity) of the polymer particle in the shortest time

2. Direct coupled 3,450 RPM motor

  • Eliminates the need for shaft alignment

3. Quick Disconnect on the neat polymer injection check‐valve (now available on all models as a separate kit)

  • Eliminates the need for tools to access the check‐valve for periodic cleaning

The new MAGNUM mix chamber was field‐tested adjacent to an existing Polyblend® polymer activation system MSeries unit and was able to exceed the solution viscosity by 10% and decrease polymer consumption by more than 30%.

Field Retrofits
MAGNUM mix chambers will be available for field retrofits for existing M240‐M2400 M‐Series units. With over 5,000 Polyblend® M‐Series units in the field, the MAGNUM retrofit kit represents an opportunity to deliver a step‐change in polymer efficiency.

The MAGNUM mix chamber retrofit kits for existing units and NEW Polyblend® M‐Series units are available for immediate sale. Please contact your local Polyblend® polymer activation systems representative or contact us
directly at:

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1901 West Garden Rd.
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