Industry News

  1. Verdezyne Signs Distribution Agreement With Aceto Corporation

    Verdezyne Inc., a synthetic biology company producing biobased chemicals, and Aceto Corporation (ACET), the leader in the marketing, sales and distribution of specialty chemicals in the U.S., announced an agreement for sales and distribution of Verdezyne's BIOLON® DDDA (biobased dodecanedioic acid). BIOLON DDDA will be produced by Verdezyne and will be distributed in the United States of America by Aceto

  2. Garland’s New KEE-Stone® Thermoplastic Roof Membrane Leads Industry In UV And Aging Performance

    Garland’s new KEE-Stone FB 60 fleece-backed thermoplastic membraneexceeded industry standard weathering tests tenfold, standing up against even the harshest weather and UV radiation

  3. GreenMantra™ Technologies Introduces Ceranovus™ Waxes For Improved Processing Of Recycled Polymers

    GreenMantra Technologies, a rapidly growing producer of high-value waxes from recycled plastics, is introducing to the plastics reprocessing industry its line of Ceranovus waxes specifically designed to improve the processing of recycled polymers as well as end product performance

  4. Announcing New Innovation Polymer – Kraton™ G1653 Polymer

    Kraton Performance Polymers, Inc. (NYSE: KRA) is a leading global producer of styrenic block copolymer (SBC). Kraton has a history of innovation focused on driving growth for its customers

  5. GreenMantra™ Technologies Introduces Ceranovus™ Wax Modifiers For Improved Asphalt Roofing Production And Performance

    GreenMantra Technologies, a rapidly growing producer of high-value waxes from recycled plastics, is introducing to the roofing industry its line of Ceranovus wax modifiers designed to improve asphalt roofing manufacturing and performance

  6. Total Cray Valley To Present Bio-Based Resin Technology At 2016 International Elastomer Conference

    Global functional additive manufacturer Total Cray Valley today announces that its Global R&D Director, Steven Henning, will be giving a presentation titled “The Synthesis and Characterization of Farnesene-Based Oligomers” at the 2016 International Elastomer Conference

  7. New Website For UFP Technologies’ 100% Recycled Packaging

    UFP Technologies, a producer of innovative, custom-engineered components, products, and specialty packaging, announced a complete redesign of its molded fiber website which features custom packaging made from 100% recycled paper and water

  8. Mallard Creek Polymers Launches Mobile Friendly Website

    As MCP proceeds into the future, they believe that it is critical for information to be available to anyone on any device the person might choose. At MCP, the company is striving to grow and make an impact in 2020 and this tool now allows communication in a mobile friendly format

  9. PTM Images Develops Closed-Loop Recycling Production

    PTM Images®, a leading manufacturer of home décor and furnishings, announces the completion of its new polystyrene recycling facility in San Luis Rio Colorado, Mexico. The Styrofoam and plastic material is collected from our U.S. retail customers, diverting the polystyrene out of U.S. Landfills and giving the material a new life

  10. AGC AeroComposites Develops Innovative Thermoplastic Composite Welding Technique

    AGC AeroComposites, a global supplier of composite aerostructures, assemblies and components to the aerospace and defense industry, has successfully completed their “CoFusion” project with funding from the National Aerospace Technology Exploitation Programme (NATEP), in partnership with the UK National Composites Centre, TenCate Advanced Composites and Rolls Royce