News | December 20, 2022

SOLIZE India Partners With Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd For Injection Molding CAE System 3DTIMON™

SOLIZE India will be responsible for marketing, sales, technical support and services solutions for 3D TIMON™ in India

Bengaluru /PRNewswire/ - SOLIZE India Technologies Private Limited, a group company of Japan-headquartered SOLIZE Corporation, announced a partnership with Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd to address the Indian market for the latter's 3DTIMON™ 3D Injection Molding CAE System. SOLIZE India will market, sell, provide technical support and services solutions for 3DTIMON™ in India.

Headquartered in Japan, Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd develops, sells and maintains production control systems, ICT/IoT-related software, and plastic/compound material injection molding CAE system software and electronic devices. It is a wholly owned second-tier subsidiary company of Toray Industries, Inc. Established in 1926, Toray Industries, Inc. is a publicly listed company with global sales of approximately $ 20 Billion and 48,842 employees in 29 countries and 317 subsidiaries (as of March 31, 2022). Toray researches, develops, manufactures and sells performance chemicals (including Engineering Plastics), fibres and textiles, carbon fibre composite materials, environment and engineering solutions (3DTIMON™), life sciences and green innovation products driven by organic and polymer chemistries, bio- and nano-technologies. Toray's motto is "Innovation by Chemistry".

3DTIMON™, the three-dimensional injection Molding CAE system from Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd allows manufacturers to simulate the behaviour of material in molds. It supports prediction of failures and analysis and prior verification of processes relating to the development and production of plastic products, including automotive parts, home appliances, IT-related components and optical parts. Toray Industries, Inc. offers a full line of high performance, pristine quality Engineering Plastics including PA6, PA66, PBT, PPS and transparent ABS. While Toray developed the software simulation tool internally to better understand its own EP Resins, 3DTIMONTM has more than 1,000 issued licenses globally.

Speaking about the partnership, Ajai Singh Sirohi, Chief Development Officer – South Asia, Toray Industries India Private Limited, said, "SOLIZE India has a deep legacy of evangelizing the use of simulation among industry players in India for over 30 years now. We believe their extensive domain knowledge, long-standing customer relationships, knowledgeable sales and support teams, and extensive market coverage across India will greatly benefit the customers. We are excited to partner with SOLIZE India to expand our customer universe."

Mahadevan V. S., Chief Executive Officer and Director, SOLIZE India, said, "Polymers and plastics are playing an increasingly critical role in the new generation of lighter weight, lower environmental impact products being developed in the auto, aero, consumer-durables and various other sectors. With this partnership, we can better support our customers and offer them end-to-end solutions across the material simulation space. The origin of 3DTIMON™ software in an engineering organization truly sets it apart in terms of domain understanding and effectiveness."

About Toray Engineering D Solutions Co., Ltd
Established in 1984 and based in Tokyo, it is a 100% wholly owned subsidiary of Toray Engineering Co., Ltd. which in turn is a wholly owned subsidiary of Toray Industries, Inc. 3DTIMON™ is one of its key products with over 1,000 global licenses.

About SOLIZE Corporation
Since 1990, SOLIZE Corporation has been the pioneer of offering 3D data based new manufacturing methodologies to customers worldwide. SOLIZE group offers services in the areas of Product Design, Additive Manufacturing, Tooling and Innovation Consulting. SOLIZE India, a group company of SOLIZE Corporation, has over three decades of experience in engineering design, software tools and services. The company has existing technology partnerships with global leaders: Dassault Systèmes, Hexagon, VI Grade and Physna. Its extensive customer base spans automotive, aerospace, defence and heavy engineering industries. The company also collaborates with leading Indian engineering universities, contributing towards skill development.

Source: SOLIZE India Technologies Private Limited

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