News | January 27, 2023

TAICEND's World-Leading Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam Technology

Dallas, TX /PRNewswire/ - TAICEND's world-leading Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam Technology is a patented, exclusive material that has demonstrated high safety and effectiveness in the medical field. It presents numerous clear advantages contrasted to other materials, such as gauze, and OPsite, commonly used to make dressings. These advantages include, amongst others, a high absorption rate, breathability, rapid healing speed, prevention of scar tissue, lack of cytotoxicity risk, and excellent biocompatibility to human fibroblast cells.

As stated above, TAICEND's Hydrophilic PU Foam has an exceptionally high absorption rate, found to have a representative value of 900% following the testing method EN 13726-1. Water is attracted to the molecular composition of the hydrophilic PU Foam, which gives it a high water retention rate. This forces dangerous exudate to be quickly and permanently removed from the wound bed, cleaning the area and promoting healing. This is unlike hydrophobic PU foam which allows exudate to stew on the wound bed. Furthermore, TAICEND's Hydrophilic PU Foam's high breathability complements its absorption rate. This is shown in its moisture vapor transmission rate (MVTA), with a representative value of 1680 g/m-2.24h-1, following the testing method EN 13726-2. These two characteristics come together to keep the wound site clean and to prevent infection.

As for its anti-adhesion properties, have shown TAICEND's Hydrophilic PU Foam's performance to be up to 8 times superior to that of gauze and opsite. This helps overcome the adhesion issue that the majority of healthcare providers dread when working with patches used in wet wound healing. This also allows for easy removal of the dressing in order to observe wounds. Very importantly, the size, thickness, and absorption capabilities of the foam can also be adjusted to meet the needs of the wound.

TAICEND's Hydrophilic PU Foam's high effectiveness and reliability is likewise reflected in its exceptional healing speed. This is important as modern dressings are increasingly expected to facilitate functional and aesthetic regeneration rather than just to cover the wound. In this respect, TAICEND's innovative Hydrophilic PU Foam also performs far better than gauze and opsite, as found in the National Cheng Kung University study cited above. This is due to its outstanding ability to reduce inflammation, and to improve re-epithelization, as well as its moisturizing qualities.

TAICEND's Hydrophilic PU Foam has many revolutionary qualities. It retains all the advantages of traditional dressings, while contributing vast improvements to the cleanliness of wounds, adhesion, healing time. This is why TAICEND's Hydrophilic Polyurethane Foam Technology is an ideal choice for any medical professional.

TAICEND will participate in the MedTrade International Medical Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition on March 28-30 this year.


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