Supplier News

  1. Ross Introduces New 500 Gallon Horizontal Paste Mixer
    Charles Ross & Son Company recently introduced a new line of Model 42HD Horizontal Paste Mixers.
  2. 500 Cu Ft Ribbon Blenders Offered By Ross
    Charles Ross & Son Company has announced the recent shipment of its 45th - 515 cu.ft. Ribbon Blender.
  3. Ross Appoints New Vice President
    Executive Vice President has announced the promotion of John Paterson to the position of Vice President – Ross Mixing Inc. located in Pt. St. Lucie, Florida.
  4. Ross Offers 350 Cu. Ft. Vertical Blender
    Ross Vertical Blenders are ideal for the gentle blending and drying of powders. In the Vertical Blender, the mixing screw rotates around the periphery of the cone, and simultaneously lifts materials from the bottom to the top of the blender.
  5. K-Tron Process Group Releases New Premier Pneumatics Overview Brochure

    K-Tron is pleased to announce the completion of a new eight page overview brochure for the Premier Pneumatics line of pneumatic conveying systems and components for bulk material handling.

  6. HunterLab Introduces New Easy-to-Use Portable Color Measurement Instrument
    The NEW MiniScan EZ is a portable color measurement instrument that can be used on the plant floor, the production line, or outdoors to measure the reflected color of your product. Its ergonomic design features a rubberized handle that provides sure-handed carrying and virtually eliminates user fatigue when measuring a large number of samples.
  7. Ultra High Shear Mixer Offered By Ross
    Charles Ross & Son Company has announced the introduction of the new model of the PreMax Mixer, one of the company’s specialty high shear mixer designs.
  8. Eriez’ New Plastics And Rubber Catalog Features State-Of-The-Art Equipment For The Industry
    Eriez announced the availability of a new catalog, “Equipment for the Plastics & Rubber Industry,” which spotlights the company’s wide array of detection, separation, feeding and screening equipment for the industry
  9. Ross PowerMix Used For Viscous Mixing And Dispersion

    The patented PowerMix is unique and includes two separate agitation systems within one mixer. A planetary blade revolves in combination with a separate high speed dispersion blade. Both revolve on their own axis as well as on a common axis and the speed of each can be varied independent of the other.

  10. Resodyn Acoustic Mixers Enable Mixing Without Impellers
    Resodyn Acoustic Mixers, Inc., announced recently the commercial availability of laboratory and production scale mixers, which utilize the company’s proprietary technology, ResonantAcoustic Mixing (RAM)