Supplier News

  1. New Blender From Charles Ross Incorporates Screw Discharge
    Warren Ang– Product Manager has announced the completion of a new model of the popular line of Ross Ribbon Blenders. The new model is designated as the "42NSD”.
  2. Ross Introduces Screw Discharge Ribbon Blender
    Warren Ang– Product Manager has announced the completion of a new model of the popular line of Ross Ribbon Blenders. The new model is designated as the "42NSD”.
  3. High Shear Mixer Offered By Ross
    The new Ross MegaShear Inline High Shear Mixer is the first to combine, high flow rates - up to 500 gpm without an auxiliary pump, high tip speeds - up to 18,000 fpm, and ultra high shear rates, all in a single pass.
  4. Green Earth, Inc. Announces 'Green Machine' — Energy-Saving Solutions For Industry
    Green Earth, Inc. is an environmental company taking up the challenge of ‘greener industry’ for the 21st century. After attending the 2009 Renewable Energy Summit, Ms. Diane Zak, CEO of Green Earth Inc., recognized that incentive money is available for companies who want to lower their energy costs by reducing energy usage.
  5. PTI Exhibits Inspection Solutions For Plastic Bottle & Containers At NPE In Chicago
    PTI Inspection Systems will exhibit VeriCon Leak Testers for online inspection of bottles and containers at the NPE Show, June 22 – 26, 2009 at McCormick Place, Chicago, IL in Booth S30059. Applications include the plastic, blow molding, food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries.
  6. X-Rite To Demonstrate A Revolution In Advanced Color Measurement Technologies For Manufacturers At The NPE2009 International Plastics Showcase In Chicago
    X-Rite Incorporated will present advanced technologies at the NPE2009 International Plastics Showcase in Chicago from June 22 to 26 that manufacturers of plastics products can use in their workflow everyday to accurately communicate color data between plants worldwide, reduce rework and scrap, and improve quality.
  7. Eriez® Metalarm Metal Detectors Provide A Solution To Many Metal Detection Problems
    Eriez’ Metalarm series of metal detectors are designed for the protection of downstream equipment from damaging tramp metal. These versatile and reliable metal detectors are ideal for the aggregates, coal, wood, plastic and textile industries. Metalarm detectors have the unique advantage of fitting easily to virtually any conveyor, belt or vibratory.
  8. Ross Offers Sanitary Double Planetary Mixer
    Bill Alhofen – Product Manager has announced the completion of a sanitary model of its popular line of Double Planetary Mixer. The model is designated as the "DPM-S" and is available in many sizes from 1/2 pint to 750 gallons working capacity.
  9. Modern Rapid Ash / L.O.I Analyzers Saves Time And Money For Operators
    One issue commonly encountered when testing materials for ash/ loss on ignition (L.O.I) is excessive flaming. Violent, uncontrolled combustion in a crucible doesn’t normally precede high precision test results. As a workaround, it’s common when testing flammable materials for ash by conventional methods such as a muffle furnace that a stepwise approach to heating be applied.
  10. Ross Introduces Sanitary Mixing Systems
    Charles Ross & Son Company, the leader in specialty mixing and dispersion equipment, is now offering complete sanitary mixing and dispersion systems.