1. Differences Between Object Color And Source Color

    Determining the color of an object was described previously. However, there is a difference when a color is created independently such as by a light bulb. This is called source color. The following is a simple explanation of the differences between objects and source color.

  2. What Color Measurement Instrument Is Right For Me

    As the global leader in color science and technology, X‐Rite offers the industry’s widest range of color measurement instruments – colorimeters, densitometers, spectrodensitometers and spectrophotometers.

  3. A Guide To Understanding Graphic Arts Densitometry

    Black and white transmission densitometers are used for film inspection, as well as scanner and imagesetter calibration and linearization.

  4. ColorEye XTS

    ColorEye XTS is an ultra-compact benchtop spectrophotometer with simultaneous reflection SCE/SCI measurement capability designed for performance and affordability.

  5. 504 SpectroDensitometer

    What could be simpler? Our entry-level model 504 measures any density status quickly and reliably.

  6. 508 SpectroDensitometer

    Our basic 508 densitometer is great for prepress and the press room - it accurately measures density, dot area and dot gain in a single instrument.

  7. 518 SpectroDensitometer

    Our standard pressroom densitometer is essential for 4-color press operators. Use it to help determine which press adjustments need to be made during the run.

  8. 528 SpectroDensitometer

    For printers who print special colors and process color, the 528 is the basic model of choice. It has a full selection of densitometry capability plus several essential color features.

  9. 530 SpectroDensitometer

    The 530 offers full spectral data, colorimetry or densitometry, all from a single, rugged instrument.

  10. VS450 45°/0° Non-Contact Benchtop Spectrophotometer

    45°/0° non-contact benchtop spectrophotometer designed for color and gloss measurement on wet and dry samples including cosmetics, paints, and soil, as well as plastics, powders and other common samples.