Case Study

Eriez® 5-Star Service® Keeps PET Recycler Pure Tech Plastics Operating Efficiently

Source: Eriez

Pure Tech Plastics sells PET flakes and pellets to end users for applications such as packaging, sheet, bottles, strapping and fiber. A significant portion of Pure Tech's post-consumer PET comes from reverse vending machines, devices that accept used beverage containers and return money to the user. Because the reverse vending machines handle plastic and aluminum bottles, the post-consumer PET is invariably contaminated with aluminum. After the incoming material is conveyed through a washing and grinding process, a series of Eriez® Eddy Current Separators (ECS) remove the lingering aluminum particles from the PET flake. With the volume of PET flake conveyed through the ECS machines and constant use, the rotors eventually need to be refurbished.

Pure Tech's maintenance crew can perform routine work on the ECS equipment, but the rotors with Rare Earth magnets need special treatment. For these cases, Pure Tech relies on the Eriez 5-Star Service® Center, where the rotors are taken apart and rebuilt to original condition.

When a rotor is shipped to the 5-Star Service Center, Pure Tech reports that the part is returned completely refurbished, normally within two weeks. Thanks in part to the prompt response of the Eriez 5-Star Service team, the Eriez ECS machines help produce some of the finest PET flake in the industry while reinforcing the company's vision of “creating a world where recycling represents a force for consistent, positive change.”