Current Headlines

  1. NewAge Industries Achieves Landfill-Free Status; All Waste Is Recycled Or Used In Energy Recovery Systems

    Plastic tubing manufacturer NewAge Industries announces that it is now a zero-waste facility. Waste is recycled, reused or disposed of through an energy-from-waste (EfW) system. The company has made sustainability a focus in recent years and determined that achieving landfill-free status was an important part of its green initiatives

  2. B&D Plastics Fabricates Chemical-Resistant Vessel With Vycom’s Corrtec Corzan Used In Dual-Laminate Technology

    B&D Plastics LLC, a leader in the design of fiberglass process equipment based in Ocean Spring, MS, recently fabricated a vessel needed for scrubbing and treating waste gas streams and coal degasification with Vycom’s Corrtec Corzan chlorinated polyvinyl chloride (CPVC) material

  3. Invibio: Implantable PEEK Polymers Pioneering Further Progress

    A wave of recent research projects presented at the latest International PEEK Meeting* in Washington, D.C., has highlighted the increasing adoption of PEEK implants in clinical practice as well as the material´s established position due to possible patient benefits

  4. Thread Forming Screws For Plastics From Challenge Europe

    Challenge Europe now offers an extensive range of threaded fasteners ex-stock which includes many specialist items such as thread forming screws for plastics. These have become more and more important in the assembly of everything from electronic equipment to furniture

  5. PENETRON Helps Dow Convert Propane Into Plastic

    The August 2017 opening of the expanded Oyster Creek propylene production facility in Freeport on the Gulf Coast of Texas is part of Dow Chemical’s multi-billion dollar investment to take advantage of low market prices for shale gas

  6. Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd Introduces Virgin PVC Granules To Meet Different Industrial Requirements

    Tongxiang Longcheng Plastic Co.,Ltd supplies PVC granules that are used in injection and extrusion industries. These granules are mainly used for manufacturing toys, building materials, shoes, etc

  7. TydenBrooks Expands American Manufacturing

    Continuing its legacy of innovation, quality, and manufacturing TydenBrooks announced today the expansion of its plastic indicative security seal production. According to Dan Tascarella, Plant Manager of TydenBrooks’ Tallapoosa, GA facility, “Our continued investments in American based manufacturing has allowed us to add state of the art machines to improve our production processes and lead times

  8. Park Electrochemical Corp. Announces Introduction Of N4000-6NF (‘No Flow’)

    Park Electrochemical Corp. (NYSE:PKE) announced the introduction of N4000-6NF (“No Flow”). N4000-6NF is a high-Tg epoxy prepreg system that provides performance versatility and ease of processing

  9. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Introduces New Sizes For The Patented HoseGard Hose Support

    HoseGard fits all Versilon hoses as well as other hose products which have an outer diameter 2.150" to 4.875". Made of chemical and corrosion resistant HDPE, HoseGard is specially engineered to elevate the hose to keep it clean and reduce wear and tear

  10. Automotive Plant Closure Creates Major Opportunity For Plastics Manufacturers

    The downturn in the U.S. automotive industry is creating opportunities for other businesses. In a recent deal structured by PPL Group and Meadoworks, the companies will be auctioning a wide array of plastic injection molding equipment from a former tier one automotive supplier on July 13, 2017