Industry News

  1. Ferriot Begins Installation Of Its Largest Injection Molding Press

    Buyers of oversized injection molded plastic parts will have another potential supplier in 2018. The site preparation and floor reinforcement process for a new 2,250-ton Negri Bossi BI-POWER injection molding press has already begun at the Ferriot, Incorporated production facility on Arlington Circle in Akron, Ohio

  2. Muconic Acid Market Growth Propelled By Growing Demand For Nylon Fibers | Technavio

    The latest market research report by Technavio on the global muconic acid marketpredicts a CAGR of more than 7% during the period 2017-2021. This press release features multimedia. View the full release here: Technavio has published a new market research report on the global muconic acid market from 2017-2021. {Graphic: Business Wire) The report segments the global muconic acid market by application (carpets and textiles, plastics, and lubricants) and by geography (the Americas,

  3. Solar Plastics LLC Acquires Solar Plastics, Inc.

    Solar Plastics LLC recently announced that it had acquired the assets and certain liabilities of Solar Plastics, Inc. Solar Plastics Inc. has long been a player in the rotational molding industry

  4. Gecko Biomedical Builds Out Strategy For ‘Print On’ Polymers Platform

    Gecko Biomedical (“Gecko”), a privately-owned life science company developing innovative polymers to support tissue reconstruction, announced recently it has put a strategy in place for the development and rollout of its platform of proprietary tissue reconstruction technologies

  5. ExxonMobil And Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica Discover New Material That Could Significantly Reduce The Amount Of Energy And Emissions Associated With Ethylene Production

    Scientists from ExxonMobil and the Instituto de Tecnologia Quimica (ITQ) in Valencia, Spain have discovered a potentially revolutionary new material that could significantly reduce the amount of energy and emissions associated with the production of ethylene

  6. New Family Of FBG Optical Sensors Featuring Zeus’ PEEK Coating Now Available For Use In Harsh Environments

    FBGs are reliable all-fiber optical components that have been used for making accurate and reliable temperature and strain measurements for over two decades. However, due to previous technical limitations, most applications in hot harsh environments were typically off limits

  7. Clock Spring Launches New Water-Activated Product, Contour WA

    Clock Spring Company, LP (Clock Spring), the world’s leading manufacturer of permanent and temporary composite pipeline and pipe work repair solutions, has launched Contour WA, a composite solution featuring an engineered, bi-axial stitched e-glass tape impregnated with a water-activated polyurethane resin

  8. Apex Industries Selects Vycom Flametec® Cleanroom PVC-C To Fit Stringent Needs Of Clients Serving Semiconductor Industry

    Apex Industries, a precision machining and fabrication company in Tigard, Oregon, has chosen Flametec® Cleanroom PVC-C for the machine parts and weldment it supplies to ClassOne Technology for use in its flagship product, the Solstice® technology platform.

  9. Free Collection Of Drying Methods For Plastics Helps Improve Moisture Analysis Results

    The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) has included halogen moisture analysis as a standard test method for determination of moisture in plastics by loss in weight in designation D6980-12

  10. New Value-Priced Injection Molding Machines Introduced

    Cincinnati Process Technologies (CPT), a leading supplier of machinery, parts, services and technology for the plastics molding industry, has announced a new line of injection molding machines from Taiwan manufacturer Asian Plastic Machinery (AP)