Product Showcase

  1. Plate Housing Magnets
    Bunting® Plate Housing Magnets resist bridging and choking to remove tramp iron and ferrous fines from flow-resistant bulk materials.
  2. Metal Detectors For Conveyors - Metron 05 CI

    One-piece tunnel-style triple-coil detector surrounds conveyor belts or conveying lines and chutes to sense metal contaminants.

  3. Powertrac Conveyors
    Count on PowerTrac® Conveyors from Bunting® Magnetics Co. to provide economical solutions for a host of challenging conveying applications. All PowerTrac models are built with aluminum frames that allow us to give you a custom fit at an off-the-shelf price.
  4. TurboGrate™ Magnetic Separator
    Our newly redesigned TurboGrate™ Magnetic Separator removes ferrous metals from powder and granular materials with even the most difficult flow characteristics. This magnetic separator features a powerful motorized rotating grate magnet which processes material, such as cocoa, flour or starch, that would bridge traditional grate assemblies.
  5. HF Series Drawer Magnets
    Bunting® HF Series Drawer Magnets are equipped with powerful magnetic cartridges to handle a wide range of separation tasks in mechanical or gravity flow applications.
  6. Plate Magnets
    Bunting® Plate Magnets install easily in enclosed flow lines to remove ferrous fines, as well as large pieces of tramp iron, from many types of free-flowing and pneumatically conveyed material.
  7. Magnetic Liquid Traps

    Bunting® Magnetic Liquid Traps are designed to remove ferrous tramp from liquid processing and conveying lines. They provide dependable protection against tramp iron contamination and come equipped with powerful, high-energy Neodymium magnets to capture even weakly magnetic debris like work-hardened 300 series stainless steel fragments.

  8. Center Flow Magnets
    Our Bunting® Center-Flow Magnets are designed to handle materials that are non-abrasive or not subject to damage by impact. It can be installed easily in any position or angle with factory supplied compression couplings.
  9. DCM Conveyor And Metron C Metal Detection
    The combination of our DCM Conveyor and Metron C Metal Detection provides our customer peace of mind with superior metal detection within your manufacturing process.
  10. Thermo Scientific TruDefender FT
    Thermo Scientific TruDefender FT is a rugged, handheld FTIR analyzer designed for rapid, at-line material identification. Weighing only 2.9 pounds (1.3 kg), the TruDefender™ FT analyzer combines the proven precision of a benchtop FTIR spectrometer in a compact handheld device.