Product Showcase

  1. HF Series Drawer Magnets
    Bunting® HF Series Drawer Magnets are equipped with powerful magnetic cartridges to handle a wide range of separation tasks in mechanical or gravity flow applications.
  2. Plate Magnets
    Bunting® Plate Magnets install easily in enclosed flow lines to remove ferrous fines, as well as large pieces of tramp iron, from many types of free-flowing and pneumatically conveyed material.
  3. Magnetic Liquid Traps

    Bunting® Magnetic Liquid Traps are designed to remove ferrous tramp from liquid processing and conveying lines. They provide dependable protection against tramp iron contamination and come equipped with powerful, high-energy Neodymium magnets to capture even weakly magnetic debris like work-hardened 300 series stainless steel fragments.

  4. Center Flow Magnets
    Our Bunting® Center-Flow Magnets are designed to handle materials that are non-abrasive or not subject to damage by impact. It can be installed easily in any position or angle with factory supplied compression couplings.
  5. DCM Conveyor And Metron C Metal Detection
    The combination of our DCM Conveyor and Metron C Metal Detection provides our customer peace of mind with superior metal detection within your manufacturing process.
  6. Thermo Scientific TruDefender FT
    Thermo Scientific TruDefender FT is a rugged, handheld FTIR analyzer designed for rapid, at-line material identification. Weighing only 2.9 pounds (1.3 kg), the TruDefender™ FT analyzer combines the proven precision of a benchtop FTIR spectrometer in a compact handheld device.
  7. Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR PC
    Thermo Scientific microPHAZIR PC is a handheld NIR material analyzer designed for rapid on-site material identification.
  8. ColorFlex EZ Spectrophotometer
    HunterLab’s next generation Color Flex EZ spectrophotometer takes color quality control to its highest level with 45/0 design for the ultimate in color measurement preciseness. Combining versatility, simplicity and performance, the ColorFlex EZ reflects almost 60 years of color measurement innovation in one easy-to-use, compact instrument from the world’s most trusted leader in color quality.
  9. ColorMunki Design
    The color inspiration tool ColorMunki can help start the color creation process by sending color data to our production color software packages. And with ColorMunki’s versatility, it’s ready to help no matter where you grab your next idea. It’s never been easier to bring your vision to life.
  10. Global Solutions For Color Supply Chain Management (CSM)
    X-Rite has the depth of experience to strengthen each link in your supply chain worldwide and shorten its length in terms of time and virtual distance. With locations in more than 50 countries, X-Rite can dispatch knowledgeable staff to any facility to assist with handling even the most complex networks of suppliers, vendors and specifiers.