Plastics Regulations 2019

December 10 - 11, 2019 - Pittsburgh PA US


he 2nd edition of AMI's Plastics Regulations US 2019 conference will take place on December 10-11, 2019 at the Pittsburgh Marriott City Center, in Pittsburgh, PA. The two-day program will provide​ expert analysis and guidance on a range of international legislative and regulatory issues that impacts on polymer producers, compounders, processors, and end users doing business in the US and beyond. The conference will provide a rare opportunity to gain focused advice on a range of compliance issues at one event, ​and a cost and time efficient way to protect and future-proof your business. Legal and regulatory experts will cover new and impending regulations in areas such as food contact materials, biocides, nanomaterials, microplastics, medical devices, plastic recycling, and various application specific legal requirements. They will explain the real implications of forthcoming legislation in practical terms, highlighting the actions that different players in the plastics supply chain need to take to achieve compliance. Speakers also highlight areas of potential concern for the plastics industry going forward and recommended action to minimize negative impacts. Food contact legislation is another evolving subject that has significant implications for the suppliers of polymers, additives, compounds and masterbatch, as well as the producers of food packaging and food processing equipment. Legal experts will review existing and planned regulations in this area and will provide advice on how to meet them. Speakers will also address other areas of legislation that have critical implications for the plastics industry, including the use of recycled plastics, biocides, nanomaterials, and medical devices.

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