News | August 22, 2007

Viscometer System Measures Dilute Polymer Solutions


Houston,TX - Introducing the new Automated Relative Viscometer (ARV) System for the determination of Relative, Intrinsic, Inherent, Specific and Absolute Viscosity as well as Molecular Weight. The automated RV System features the Viscotek Relative Viscometer, a patented, dual-capillary viscometer specifically designed to measure the viscosities of dilute polymer solutions. The Relative Viscometer provides faster analysis, greater accuracy, better precision and less solvent exposure when compared to conventional glass tubes.

In addition to the RV, the System consists of the Vortex Integrated Autosampler/ Autopreparation Module for fully automated sample preparation and sample delivery. And ETA Software for data acquisition, processing, reporting and complete system control.

The RV System delivers a fast, precise and accurate determination of solution viscosity. The significant level of automation allows the operator to concentrate on testing, rather than tedious sample preparation, thus increasing efficiency, enhancing precision and promoting operator safety.

SOURCE: Automated Relative Viscometer