Company Profile | April 6, 2000

Victrex USA Inc.

Source: Victrex USA Inc.
Victrex USA Inc. Victrex is a global leader in high performance materials technology, production and market development. Our main objective is to support our customers in the continuous development of leading-edge end-use applications.

Victrex plc is the sole manufacturer of a polyaryletherketone high performance thermoplastic, sold under the brand name PEEK™. The polymer has a unique combination of properties for which Victrex plc holds the worldwide patents.

The company (formerly part of ICI Advanced Materials) began full scale production of PEEK™ polymer in 1987 in a dedicated, computer controlled production facility in the United Kingdom. A restructuring in the early 1990s led to a successful management buy-out of the company in October 1993.

Since then, Victrex's management team has been focused on forging closer ties with customers and the effective penetration of key markets. In 1995, the company was successfully floated on the UK Stock Market. The resulting business growth led to a plant upgrade in 1996, significantly increasing the production capacity of PEEK™ polymer.