Brochure | September 5, 2011

Product Overview: Unscrambler X Process Pulse

The Unscrambler X Process Pulse real-time process monitoring solution gives manufacturers the visibility and responsiveness needed in today's complex environments. It offers early fault detection and immediate identification of out-of-limit variables, enabling real-time control of a process and the ability to stop production and remedy potential failures before they occur.

The Unscrambler X Process Pulse has the flexibility to monitor almost any type of process and data as it is proceeding in real-time, using powerful of multivariate predictions, classifications and diagnostics combined with extensive graphics and an intuitive interface.

Flexible and easy to integrate with other systems
Designed to work with almost any process environment, the solution is extremely flexible and scalable, allowing it to be connected seamlessly into existing control systems if needed.

Easy to use for Process Operators
The solution is exceptionally user-friendly with configurable dashboards for process operators, extensive graphics and alarms at pre-set limits that alert of potential issues.

Multivariate analysis & diagnostics
Predictive regression models (PLS, MLR, PCR) & SIMCA classification (PCA, PLS, PCR) with up to 5 classes. Drill-down into powerful diagnostics include Hotelling T2, Q residual & Y deviation.