Application Note

Application Note: Transferring Spectral Libraries From Reference Instruments To The PHAZIR

Source: Thermo Scientific (formerly Ahura Scientific and Polychromix)

By F. G. Haibach

Transfer of spectra used for calibrations is frequently used when large collections of spectra are difficult to reproduce. The effort to reproduce the calibration set is prohibitive or the samples that comprise the calibration set are ephemeral. The effort required to effect and test a transfer is fairly high. Most reported efforts in the literature have transferred calibrations between laboratory instruments of similar capability or to instruments of superior capabilities.

Handheld instruments, including NIR, have very different design considerations than their benchtop cousins. Performance of the instrument is optimized for reliability and low power consumption. Consequently, instrument-sample interface optics and spectrometer design are very different. Despite this, the transfer of spectra from dispersive and FTNIR benchtop instruments to the PHAZIR is frequently successful. The quality of the results is proportional to the effort.