News | February 13, 2008

TPC Introduces New Biodegradable PLA Cosmetic Packaging


Long Beach, CA - The Packaging Company (TPC) recently introduced new polylactic acid or polylactide (PLA) environmentally friendly material, which is biodegradable into its line of cosmetic packaging.

TPC's PLA compacts are biodegradable, without compromising the quality or appearance of the packages. Now PLA as disposable material has drawn the global attention for its ecofriendly nature. TPC conducts overseas cooperation with polymer science institutions to research on commercially acceptable procedures for lactic acid and polylactic acid. Now the patented production process includes fermentation, separation and polymerization to make what is called PLA.

PLA resins, derived from starch-rich field plants such as corns and grains, are very attractive for disposable and biodegradable plastic substitutes due to its better mechanical properties. Unlike the non-degradable traditional petroleum based plastic, the corn based PLA is compostable and degradable within 5 years in landfills. The PLA has virtually the same physical properties of regular plastic and yet maintains all the benefits to the environment.

Michael Salemi, COO commented, "The marketplace is really seeking out this new kind of environmentally friendly packaging. The consumer wants to feel good about buying these cosmetics and the biodegradable packaging is a very important part of it"

SOURCE: The Packaging Company