News | November 19, 2008

ThermoFab Expands Design Capability

SHIRLEY, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--ThermoFab, a manufacturer of custom plastic enclosures, today announced an increased investment in the Company's in-house product design services that will further ensure quality control and project delivery times to its customers. The company has an extensive design team available with expertise in CAD, plastic product design and manufacturing, color matching and tooling, comprising an end-to-end design department that customers can leverage immediately.

"We are committed to offering superior customer service –from concept to creation," said Tom King, President, ThermoFab. "When our customers have leveraged our in-house product design services in the past, everything is more efficient – responding to mid-course project corrections, meeting projected delivery times and overall quality. Our goal is to offer our customers a level of flexibility and quality in projects that they cannot find anywhere else."

"I've worked with industrial designers before, and I often end up with something that looks nice but cannot be used effectively," stated Bill Wilkinson, Vice-President of International Biophysics Corporation (IBC), who develops spa laser solutions for Candela Corporation. "ThermoFab understood the strict parameters required for the laser to function properly and to ensure the end product fit into the Candela product line."

ThermoFab has numerous customers nationwide with expertise in medical, computer and industrial projects. The company continues to have strong partnerships with industrial and product design firms who look to ThermoFab for expertise in plastics manufacturing as one component of an overall production process.

For more information on ThermoFab's design team and to view our work, please visit our website at or email us at

About ThermoFab:
Headquartered in Shirley, MA, the company designs, develops and delivers custom plastic enclosure prototypes and products. Using a proprietary pressure forming process, injection-molded detail can be achieved with better turn-around and quality, providing ThermoFab customers with a competitive edge in today's high-speed marketplace.

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