News | April 2, 2024

Spectra Systems Commercializes The World's First Certified Circular Polymer Banknote Substrate

Guaranteeing the world's central banks and the public that their currency is part of an audited mass-balanced recycled plastics supply chain

Providence, RI /PRNewswire/ - Over the last several decades many central banks have utilized polymer substrates rather than paper to manufacture their banknotes, a shift that first began in Australia in 1988. Since then, over 60 countries have utilized polypropylene as a substrate with roughly 30% of them using polymer across all denominations.

In 2019, Spectra Systems Corporation (SPSY.L on London Stock Exchange) was the first to introduce the world's first high-speed machine-readable polymer substrate with covert signatures within the polymer to include the substrate in the security chain of polymer banknotes (Currency News, 17 (8), 2019, and Currency News, 20 (9), 2022).

Today Spectra Systems Corporation is again changing the landscape of polymer banknotes by announcing the world's first polymer banknote substrate that is part of a mass-balanced recycling supply chain certified by the International Sustainability and Carbon Certification (ISCC) PLUS process. Spectra Systems, through its security printing subsidiary, Cartor Security Printers in the United Kingdom, has recently obtained ISCC PLUS certification. The ISCC PLUS certification allows Spectra Systems to maintain a fully audited mass-balance supply chain using polymer sourced and produced by our exclusive partner, Toray Plastics America to provide print-ready substrates for banknote production.

Our commercially available FUSION polymer banknote substrate ensures, in the case of Certified Circular polymer, that for every kilogram of polymer utilized in the substrate, an equal amount of polymer was recycled and repurposed as part of a sustainable supply chain.

The use of Certified-Circular Polymer based on advanced recycling of plastics, has many points of environmental impact. These include:

  • Using plastic waste as an alternative to fossil fuels
  • Additional end of life options for plastic waste
  • Diversion of significant amounts of plastic waste from landfills or incineration
  • Expanding the range of plastic waste that can be recycled

Spectra Systems Corporation, as an engaged corporate citizen supporting a sustainable global environment, is proud to bring this product to the banknote industry.

Spectra Systems will be presenting this newly commercialized substrate and its impact on the industry and the environment at the upcoming Banknote 2024 conference in Fort Worth, Texas from May 13 to 16.

Source: Spectra Systems Corporation

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