News | November 12, 2008

Solvay Advanced Polymers Announces Hot Potable Water Certifications For Amodel PPA Resins

ALPHARETTA, Ga.-- (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Solvay Advanced Polymers, makers of more plastics with more performance, announced today that the company has obtained hot potable water certification for two new grades of Amodel® polyphthalamide (PPA). By voluntarily certifying these resins globally, Solvay Advanced Polymers helps OEMs expedite the approval process required for components used in boilers, valves, meters and other equipment that comes in contact with hot potable water.

The two resins, Amodel A-1133 DW and A-1145 DW, are now certified under NSF/ANSI Standard 61 Drinking Water System Components - Health Effects for contact with hot potable water up to 82°C (182°F). These materials are also approved by WRc (United Kingdom), ACS (France), KTW (Germany) and W-270 (Germany). The resins contain 35 or 45 percent glass fiber reinforcement and are available in natural (uncolored) and black.

"Plumbing component manufacturers are looking to eliminate lead from brass in order to comply with pending regulations concerning drinking water," explains Bill Looney, Global Plumbing Market Manager for Solvay Advanced Polymers. "More expensive lead-free alloys along with the rising cost of metals have created a strong interest in high-performance plastics like Amodel PPA as a cost-effective replacement for brass."

According to Looney, Amodel PPA provides excellent chemical, fatigue and creep resistance and is suitable for applications that require intermittent exposure to hot chlorinated water. Typical applications include components for boilers, valves and meters.

For more demanding applications that need continuous exposure to hot chlorinated water, such as fittings and manifolds, Solvay Advanced Polymers offers a comprehensive line of sulfone polymers, which includes Udel® polysulfone, Radel® R polyphenylsulfone and Acudel® modified polyphenylsulfone. These materials are globally approved for hot potable water applications and have successfully replaced brass in pressurized system applications for over 20 years.

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