Trim optimization, slitter scheduling

Source: Strategic Systems International, Ltd.
SmartTRIM <br>Trim optimization, slitter scheduling<br>
SmartTRIM software utilizes mathematical optimization methods to maximize your production yield and throughput

Dramatically increase your product yield and minimize slitter set-up times with Strategic Systems' trim optimization and slitter scheduling system.

Roll-and sheet-goods manufacturers require efficient use of resources. When products aren't optimally trimmed, seemingly small amounts of product waste can result in millions of dollars in lost revenue when projected over the course of a year.

SmartTRIM software utilizes mathematical optimization methods to maximize your production yield and throughput. SmartTRIM analyzes millions of possible solutions — all within the constraints of your specific business — then provides clear, actionable recommendations that your team can implement.

SmartTRIM is designed for flexible integration with your existing ERP or legacy systems. SmartTRIM is one of six modular enterprise applications designed to work as a standalone product or integrated with our supply chain optimization products.

Primary features and functionality

  • System produces optimal reduction of trim waste by grouping customer orders and optimal pattern sequencing to minimize number of slitter (knife) changes
  • SmartTRIM can solve single and two-level trim problems – coordinates primary and secondary slitters to maximize yield and minimize setup time during two-level trim operations
  • System permits multiple core and varied length rolls to be cut simultaneously, increasing yield and throughput
  • SmartTRIM is available in multiple trim optimization configurations to meet your specific manufacturing requirements
  • SmartTRIM enables easy and accurate scheduling of trim sheets on available slitters – accommodates for planned slitter downtime
  • SmartTRIM stores all completed trim sheets and provides detailed trim efficiency and trim loss analysis
  • Users can compare the solutions of different scenarios – such as results that produce highest yield or fastest throughput, among others – to meet specific operational and business objectives
  • SmartTRIM provides a comprehensive collection of on-screen as well as printable reports

Benefits of SmartTRIM

  • Waste reduction – Provides immediate reduction of trim waste, averaging between 1%- 5% improvement
  • Optimally sequences trim sheets on the slitters to increase the throughput and reduce overruns
  • Assists in better primary and secondary machine usage in single and two-level trim problems
  • SmartTRIM provides more efficient use of master roll and work-in-process inventory by minimizing extra rolls
  • Trim history provides reports yields by customer, product, or slitter to assist management teams in making long-term strategic decisions on product viability as well as sales strategies