News | December 30, 2019

Shenzhen LivePoint Mould Upgrades Its Advanced Mould Making Software System

Experienced mold making and plastic injection manufacturing company Shenzhen LivePoint Mould has today modified its professional mold management software systems. Customers all over the world will now receive extremely high-quality services. Its products will be completely well designed to a customer’s taste.

“We have been in this business for quite some time now so we know what best suits our worldwide customers. Our skilled talented engineers are always on a steady toil to ensure that materials are well crafted to customers’ requirements. This very modification was instigated by our prodigiously talented engineers. Hence we wasted no time in putting this into motion because we want the best for our amazing customers,” notes CEO of Shenzhen LivePoint Mould & Plastic Products Co, LTD.

The mold management ERP and OA automation office software system are the major software systems that have been modified. The upgrade of the ERP and OA will help increase the execution of information management and the acquisition of CAD/CAE/CAM design and processing. Shenzhen LivePoint operates an advanced system manufacturing technology ran by skilled engineers. With their superior hot runner technology and mold flow analysis technology they successfully developed and produced a high-end pipeline for customers in Europe.

For high-end, quality mold making and plastic injection products, the fittest company to work with is Shenzhen LivePoint mould & plastic products. They possess a 23-year experience in mold making and plastic injection. They have worked with various industries like automotive, electronics & communication hardware, medical device, home appliance, office supplies, toys, IT products and pipelines of municipal construction, etc. LivePoint always holds fast to be sincere, collaborative and answerable to its customers. They pursue excellence in their mode of operation. Their charges are also completely affordable.

Source: Shenzhen LivePoint Mould & Plastic Products Co., LTD