News | December 14, 2023

Samyang Corporation Acquires Global Eco-Friendly Certification For Recycled Plastic Fishing Net Materials

  • Achieves eco-friendly certification from the international certification agency, UL Solutions
  • Leads in reducing carbon emissions by introducing Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) system in chemical business subsidiaries

Seoul /PRNewswire/ - Samyang Group has acquired international certification for plastic materials recycled from fishing nets, and is leading in eco-friendly management by establishing a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) system for carbon emission reduction.

Samyang Corporation, a chemical/food business subsidiary of Samyang Group (CEO Ho-sung Kang), recently announced that nine types of their recycled fishing net plastic (nylon) material, "TRIECO 4D," have acquired global certification for ocean plastic recycling, "ECV Ocean Plastic (2809-3)," from the international testing and certification agency, UL Solutions.

The ECV Ocean Plastic certification verifies the properties of recycled ocean waste plastic by confirming its mineral content, characteristics, and the proportion of recycled material. This certification system was created by UL Solutions to prevent "Greenwashing" (falsely promoting something as eco-friendly) and tracks a product's entire cycle, including collection and transportation of raw materials. Certification is only possible after undergoing strict on-site inspections of every process.

The nine certified TRIECO 4D products of Samyang Corporation use discarded fishing nets from Korea coastal fisheries, which are high quality due to their short replacement cycles, overcoming the limitations of weakened properties in recycled plastics with Samyang Corporation's compounding (mixing additives to improve properties) technology.

Currently, they are being developed not only for automotive interior and exterior parts but also for structural components of vehicles, having met the material property standards required by several domestic and international automotive companies.

Samyang Corporation's CEO Ho-sung Kang stated, "With this ECV Ocean Plastic certification, the TRIECO 4D's use of marine waste has been recognized for its reliability and material excellence." He added, "As the uses for recycled fishing net materials expand, we plan to also commercialize these materials in household goods, furniture, and fashion accessories."

Samyang Group has recently established a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) system in its chemical business subsidiaries like Samyang Corporation, Samyang Kasei, and Samyang Innochem, and the system will become operational in December.

The LCA system calculates carbon emissions throughout the entire process from raw material extraction to usage and disposal and assesses the product's environmental impact. With the introduction of international regulations like the Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) and EU's automotive Life Cycle Assessment, there is a growing global interest in carbon emission reduction through LCA.

Samyang Group, with the new LCA system, can now monitor carbon emissions for all its products in production, and predict reductions in emissions when applying eco-friendly materials like recycled and newly developed bio-based materials, thanks to its simulation capabilities. Future plans call for continued monitoring and reductions of carbon emissions at each business site through the LCA system.

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Source: Samyang Corporation

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