News | July 22, 2019

Renco Gloves Announces Expansion Of Polymer Product Manufacturing

American Performance Polymers LLC, A Renco Company.

Manchester, MA (PRWEB) - Effective immediately, Renco Corporation of Manchester, Massachusetts, an industry leading producer and supplier of drybox gloves, drybox accessories, laboratory gloves, and contamination control products has announced expansion with its rubber and plastics fabrication facility in Colebrook, New Hampshire, which operates under the name American Performance Polymers, LLC. This expansion is consistent with the company’s growth strategy. It will enable Renco to continue to serve their existing broad spectrum of products for customers by adding high volume production of nitrile gloves, rubber and plastic parts along with custom dipping and formulation development services.

“We are all extremely excited by the tremendous opportunity this facility will provide for enhancing and expanding our product line and fulfilling the needs of our existing and future clients,” said Richard Renehan, CEO of Renco Corporation

With a broad array of products serving a wide variety of customers, Renco will take full advantage of the unique polymer formulations, enhanced quality control, and highly customizable options for their product lines. The plant has current capacity for 40,000,000 gloves per year along with customizable balloon dip-lines, PVC molding, warehousing, and packaging with the existing manufacturing lines. American Performance Polymers, LLC will add capacity to the 100,000 square foot facility as sales increase. The plant resides in a HUB-Zone and a Free-Trade Zone and should employ 20-30 people at its current capacity.

“Renco has always been a reliable provider for us. This new capacity and functionality will allow us to continue our long-standing relationship,” said Hank Rahe from Containment Technologies Group.

Product Availability
American Performance Polymers, LLC is a Renco Company that has begun producing dipped polymer products for various industries. Renco will market these items through its industrial catalog, distributor, and end-user network. Private label production is already underway, as is advanced formulation and fabrication of products for laboratory, industrial, and medical applications. Custom formulations are designed for low-protein, natural-rubber latex, Nitrile, Neoprene, PVC, and water-based Polyisoprene.

About Renco Corporation
Renco Corporation was founded in 1962 on the patent of its Titeline™ Drybox Glove / Sleeve Connector System. The system has been used with accordion and straight sleeves in laboratories and production facilities around the world. Renco created the critical components of the MWA Containment Bag built for the International Space Station. The company has divisions including:,,, and

For additional information please contact Rich Renehan via telephone at 978-526-8494 or email to Richren(at)rencogloves(dot)com.

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