News | June 8, 2017

PurKine Protein SulfyBind Resin Is The Latest Addition To The Abbkine Resin Family

Announcing the launch of its PurKine Protein SulfyBind Resin, Abbkine Scientific Company Limited stated the features and benefits of the PurKine Protein SulfyBind Resin, especially when compared with its peers in the market.

Formulated in a liquid solution with 50% slurry in 20% ethanol, PurKine Protein SulfyBind Resin is a simple and efficient system of affinity chromatography. Allowing covalent immobilization of sulfhydryl-containing peptides, protein, and other ligands to the medium agarose support for use in affinity purification procedures, the portfolio ensures optimization of the process. This subsequently leads to maximum protein yield, stability, and solubility.

Consisting of 90μm beads of highly cross-linked 4% agarose coupled with Iodoacetic acid, the performance of the resin has been reported to equal or even surpass popular SulfoLink resins from other suppliers.

Other features and benefits of the kit include Reduced Cysteine Residues and effective Antibody Purification. Its high capacity, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and high performance are features that further distinguish it from its peers.

The PurKine Protein SulfyBind Resin is available in two basic formats - prepacked spin column and kit and has been tested to retain its effectiveness even after five repeated uses. This establishes the cost-effectiveness of the product.

SOURCE: Abbkine, Inc.