News | December 8, 2005

Premix Thermoplastics Introduces New Conductive And Static Dissipative Polyacetal Compounds

Milton, WI — Premix Thermoplastics, Inc., a custom compounder of specialty electrically conductive thermoplastic compounds, has introduced a full line of conductive and static dissipative compounds based on copolymer polyacetal (POM). These compounds offer the excellent chemical resistance, toughness and low coefficient of friction of polyacetal while providing ESD protection. The new compounds are colorable and available with or without fiberglass reinforcement.

PRE-ELEC 12-000 conductive (<1x10e5 ohm)="" compounds="" are="" based="" on="" copolymer="" polyacetal="" with="" carbon="" black="" or="" carbon="" fiber="" additives.="" they="" are="" ideal="" for="" applications="" such="" as="" automotive="" fuel="" systems,="" gears="" and="" similar="" components="" where="" good="" toughness,="" wear="" and="" chemical="" resistance="" are="" important.="">

PRE-ELEC 12-031 conductive compounds can be colored for color coding if desired without affecting the electrical properties of the compound. These compounds are useful where the added stiffness of carbon fibers is desirable.

PRE-ELEC ESD 12-000 static dissipative (1x10e9 to 1x10e11 ohm) compounds are colorable alloys of copolymer polyacetal and inherently dissipative polymers. They are ideal for applications that require truly static dissipative properties with lower surface resistivity than PRE-ELEC 12-000 conductive products. They dissipate electrostatic charge at a slower rate than the truly conductive compounds PRE-ELEC 12-000 and PRE-ELEC 12-031.

Using many of the commercially available thermoplastics and virtually all of the electrically conductive additives, inherently dissipative polymers (IDPs), and inherently conductive polymers (ICPs), Premix creates customized solutions to meet customer needs.

SOURCE: Premix Thermoplastics, Inc.