News | September 6, 2018

PQ Corporation Enters Into Alliance To Expand Polyolefin Catalysts Production In Asia


PQ Group Holdings Inc. (NYSE:PQG) (“PQ” or the “Company”), a leading, highly diversified global provider of specialty catalysts, materials, chemicals and services, today announced that it has entered into an exclusive alliance with KD Corporation (“KD”) to produce polyolefin catalysts from KD’s facilities in the Republic of Korea. As part of the alliance, PQ also will expand its product portfolio and global customer base and extend its North American and European polyolefin catalyst manufacturing capability to Asia.

“This new alliance is in line with our business strategy to grow PQ’s polyolefin catalyst product group globally,” said Belgacem Chariag, President and Chief Executive Officer of PQ. “We are excited to extend our ability to manufacture and supply polyolefin catalyst products in Asia, and we look forward to working closely with KD in the coming years.”

PQ is a leading innovator and supplier of state-of-the-art polyolefin catalysts, which serve as critical elements in the production of highly engineered plastics products, including high density polyethylene and linear low density polyethylene used in applications ranging from plastic containers to plastic sheeting and films.

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About PQ Group Holdings, Inc.

PQ Group Holdings, Inc. is an integrated, global provider of specialty catalysts, specialty materials and chemicals, and services. Our environmental catalysts and services business is a leading global innovator and producer of catalysts for the refinery, emissions control, and petrochemical industries and is also a leading provider of catalyst recycling services to the North American refining industry. Our performance materials and chemicals business is a silicates and specialty materials producer with leading supply positions for the majority of our products sold in North America, Europe, South America, and Asia (excluding China), serving diverse and growing end uses such as personal and industrial cleaning products, fuel efficient tires, surface coatings, and food and beverage products.

About KD Corporation

KD Corporation, located in the Republic of Korea, is a leading Asian producer of silica gel products such as catalysts, HPLC & LC gel, anti-blocking agents, matting agents and dynamic drying materials.

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