News | August 22, 2007

Polysciences, Inc. Announces A New Cationic Polymer - Polyethylenimine "Max"

Warrington, PA – Polysciences, Inc., a leading manufacturer of specialty monomers, polymers and laboratory chemicals, announced the release of Polyethylenimine "Max" (nominally MW 40,000), a high potency, and nearly fully hydrolyzed linear polyethylenimine with longer contiguous ethylenimine segments. "Polyethylenimine "Max" is built from the same polymer backbone as our popular linear material, polyethylenimine (MW 25,000). Our new Polyethylenimine "Max" material is supplied as a hydrochloride salt, which substantially adds to the overall weight of the polymer units. The hydrochloride salt form is easier to handle and may be converted into the free amine form by neutralization with base," according to Robert Gleim, Ph.D., Catalog Business Development Manager, Polysciences, Inc.

Despite the fact N-deacylation reactions are notoriously difficult, new Polyethylenimine "Max" is believed to contain more than 11% additional free (protonatable) nitrogen than our original linear polyethylenimine. Estimates of the average number of repeating ethylenimine units ranges to around 581 segment, resulting in dramatically increased lengths of protonatable nitrogen. .

SOURCE: Polysciences, Inc.