News | March 7, 2012

POLY-WOOD, Inc. Lumber Division Introduces New Product Line To Broaden Offering Of Sustainable Lumber

POLY-WOOD, Inc. Lumber Division, a leading provider of recycled plastic lumber for the outdoor furnishings and accessories industries, announces the introduction a line of durable and sustainable utility grade plastic lumber. Incorporating the same moisture-proof properties of its premium line; the new POLY-WOOD Utility Grade will utilize maximum recycled content and incorporate features for alternative manufacturing and construction applications.

"With the popularity of our premium grade plastic lumber, we were inundated with requests for a product with similar durability; however, not requiring the U.V. stabilizing and esthetic features such as surface smoothing and color choices," said Tim Pletcher, sales, POLY-WOOD Lumber Division. "Available in black, this utility grade lumber line makes it possible for us to manufacture it with our highest level of recycled content." .

POLY-WOOD's Lumber Division currently is a leading provider of recycled plastic lumber for the outdoor furnishings and accessories industry. With POLY-WOOD's Utility Grade lumber, the company can respond to growing demand from a wider range of markets. The features of heavy duty durable grade High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) and excellent dimensional consistency meet the requirements for numerous industries and applications.

Those targeted with the new POLY-WOOD Utility Grade line include commercial marine environments, landscaping applications, playgrounds, water parks, and car wash facilities as well as heavy transport and pallet applications to commercial truck body kick boards. The product also is finding uses closely related to its outdoor living beginnings as the utility grade lumber is being used in under structures for furniture including picnic tables.

"It has become a popular solution for end users looking for a durable, chemical resistant, moisture proof plastic lumber with unlimited uses as many industries are just realizing this product's potential," said Pletcher. "At POLY-WOOD, we are constantly adding new profiles and colors to our already extensive product offering while at the same time maintaining our philosophy of environmental consciousness. This product does just that."

POLY-WOOD, Inc. recently increased the capacity of its production facilities headquartered in Syracuse, Ind. The expansion is enabling the company to meet growing demand for POLY-WOOD's premium line, the addition of the utility grade line as well as positioning the company to explore additional opportunities for plastic lumber and related extruded products. For more information, visit