Newsletter | September 7, 2007

PlasticsNet Newsletter: OSHA Renews Alliance With The Society Of The Plastics Industry
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OSHA Renews Alliance With The Society Of The Plastics Industry
The U.S. Department of Labor's Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently renewed its alliance with the Society of the Plastics Industry (SPI). The alliance will continue to provide SPI members and other stakeholders in the plastics industry with important information, guidance, and access to resources to promote a safe and healthful workplace...

Mk Automation Offers New "Easy Guard" Modular Guarding Systems
Mk Automation, Inc. offers the new Easy Guard modular guarding system designed to provide economical standard and custom guarding solutions for virtually any in-plant application...

Amerityre Introduces Amerifill For Tire Fill Market
Amerityre Corporation, a leading developer of polyurethane technologies, recently announced that it has developed a product line of high-quality polyurethane foam and elastomer chemicals and delivery systems for use in the commercial tire fill market...

New Conidrive Catalog From SDP Features Self-Guiding N10 Belt Drives With Unique Design
A new series self-guiding Conidrive timing belt drives from Stock Drive Products features the N10 belt and pulley system which features a unique offset conical projection profile on the bearing surface to ensure positive fit without the need for guiding aids such as pulley flanges, even for narrow belts...

REI Introduces Eco-Sensitive Icon To Identify Outdoor Products With Reduced Environmental Impact
Recreational Equipment, Inc. (REI), a national retail cooperative providing quality outdoor gear and clothing, recently announced that select REI brand products will carry an eco-sensitive label, designating items manufactured with a high percentage of recycled, rapidly renewable and/or organic fibers...

Basell Launches New Metocene Metallocene-Based Polypropylene Grade Targeted To Customers' TWIM Applications
Basell is launching a new metallocene-based Metocene polypropylene (PP) copolymer, Clyrell EM248U, and will target this material to processors of clear, thin-wall, injection-molded (TWIM) food applications in the United States...

New ACCELERATED Building Technologies accel-E Panel System Benefits Building Contractors And Owners
An innovative wall panel system is gaining widespread attention in the construction industry from commercial building contractors and residential builders, as well as from building owners...

Liquid Suction And Pumping Hose Extremely Flexible With Leak-Proof Cuffs
A new liquid suction and pumping hose that features a dual web-cap design which is extremely flexible for easy coiling and has polyweld cuffs to accept camlock fittings is being introduced by Flexaust of Warsaw, Indiana...

STI Introduces A Protective Weather Cover With Pneumatic Push Button
This multipurpose Stopper Station push button with Mini Weather Stopper cover from STI covers a wide range of applications both indoors and outdoors...

Protective Caps Seal M8 Threaded Connectors To IP67
Binder-USA is proud to announce the addition of M8 protective caps to their 718 and 768 series M8 connector product line. The protective caps, when applied to unmated connectors, ensure a protection rating of IP67. These caps are ideal for use in factory automation and process control applications...

Featured Products
Magnesium Oxide And Magnesium Hydroxide
Chemical grade magnesium oxide is produced as 98% pure MgO in a broad range of chemical activities and sizings...

Bench Top Spectrophotometer CM-3500d
The CM-3500d Spectrophotometer is a highly accurate, top-port instrument designed for a broad range of color measurement applications...

Systems Engineering
When it comes to designing, replacing or retrofitting the material handling system for your process line, there are no easy decisions...

Featured Download
Brochure: PAGE-Ident Hose Identification System
PAGE-Ident is a hose identification system that offers clear and easily identifiable information that is molded directly to the hose...
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Printed Electronics USA
November 12-15
San Francisco, CA

Aimed at product developers, end users, researchers, scientists and venture capitalists, this event is the only one to cover all of organic and printed inorganic electronics. In particular, we look at routes to commercialization with views from major adopters.

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