Newsletter | February 1, 2008

PlasticsNet Newsletter: New Polymer Could Improve Semiconductor Manufacturing, Packaging
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Acriglo Sheets Help DuraGlow Photoluminescent Products Perform Brilliantly
Inside the United Nations World Headquarters, which is 1.4 million square feet, there are underground hallways and corridors that seem to go on forever. They extend for multiple city blocks, from 42nd to 47th street, and some measure 1,500 to 2,000 feet in length. There are 36 exit doors and stairwells that lead out of these underground passageways...

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New Polymer Could Improve Semiconductor Manufacturing, Packaging
X-Rite Announces 2008 Fundamentals Of Color And Appearance Seminars
Polymers Adsorb Moisture, Odors, And Organic Volatiles
InterTech Development Company Announces Helium Leak Test Alternative
Diamant Art Corporation To Supply The Only Bio-Degradable Additive For Polypropylene Plastic
ExxonMobil Chemical Introduces New Cold Insert Nylon Bonding Santoprene TPVs
SABIC Innovative Plastics' "Green" Technologies Utilized In New Lincoln MKT Concept Car
New AgriBags Provide Crop Transportation Container Alternative
SCG-Dow Group Announces Final Stage To Plan And Build Specialty Elastomers Plant In Thailand
Chem Polymer Relocates Engineering Plastics Production From Florida As Part Of Modernization And Expansion
Featured Products
Magnesium Hydroxide Suspension
The FloMag H magnesium hydroxide aqueous suspension is designed to have excellent flow and storage properties...

Feeders (BSP)
Precise volumetric feeding of free flowing bulk materials, e.g. pellets & granules. The feeders can be upgraded to a loss-in-weight feeder system at any time...

FR Cutting/Milling System
The automatic machines type "FR" have been carried out in order to mill plastic mono or multistratified containers on a blow line and in order to meet always greater production requirements with steady quality characteristics...

On Color Match
Versatile, easy-to-use On Color Match software quickly and accurately calculates and predicts color match formulas in a wide variety of solid, liquid, gel and film applications, including coatings, plastics, textiles, inks, foods, beverages, fragrances, toiletries, cosmetics, appliances, furnishings, building materials and much more...

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Product Sheet: Document Control Software
EtQ's Document Control Software module allows you to manage the creation, approval, distribution and archiving of all controlled documents...
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