Newsletter | July 27, 2007

PlasticsNet Newsletter: How to Measure Color Differences
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Colorimetry: How to Measure Color Differences
Colorimetry, the science of color measurement, is widely employed in commerce, industry and the laboratory to express color in numerical terms and to measure color differences between specimens. The use and importance of colorimetry has grown in unison with the increase of global manufacturing and processing. When plastic automotive trim produced on one continent, for example, must match a painted metal finish applied on another, an objective and precise description of color becomes an absolute necessity. Unfortunately, human color perception varies widely and is affected by illumination, sample size, surrounding color and the angle of observation. Colorimetric instruments provide a set of standardized conditions that help assure consistency and repeatability...

Top News Stories
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Rohm And Haas Announces Construction Of A New Polymer Emulsions Plant In Moscow Region, Russia
3D Systems Unveils Revolutionary Material For Stereolithography Systems.
Degussa To Present Comprehensive Range Of Products for Plastics Production, Processing At K 2007
New Compact Weigh Feeder Module Allows Unequaled Degree Of Metering Accuracy
Making Additives Add Up For Polyolefins
Jaguar Standardizes On Moldflow Products For Plastics Part Design Analysis
Featured Products
FR Cutting/Milling System
The automatic machines type "FR" have been carried out in order to mill plastic mono or multistratified containers on a blow line and in order to meet always greater production requirements with steady quality characteristics.
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Magnet Load Monitor
The Series FS Magnet Load Monitor patrols the magnetic field of suspended electromagnets for accumulation of ferrous contamination. As ferrous material accumulates on a manual cleaning suspended electromagnet face, it shunts the magnet field, reduces separation efficiency and plows good product off the conveyor belt.
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Color iQC Color Control Software
Whether you're processing plastics, applying paint or inspecting finished products, Color iQC adapts to your workflow making color control faster and easier.
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ColorQuest OL
The ColorQuest OL is a spectrophotometer designed for the on-line measurement of transmitted color.
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Featured Book
Computer-Aided Injection Mold Design and Manufacture
Examining processes that affect more than 70 percent of consumer products ranging from computers to medical devices and automobiles, this reference presents the latest research in automated plastic injection and die casting mold design and manufacture...
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