Newsletter | January 18, 2008

PlasticsNet Newsletter: American Precision Prototyping Purchases Viper Pro SLA System
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Acriglo Sheets Help DuraGlow Photoluminescent Products Perform Brilliantly
Inside the United Nations World Headquarters, which is 1.4 million square feet, there are underground hallways and corridors that seem to go on forever. They extend for multiple city blocks, from 42nd to 47th street, and some measure 1,500 to 2,000 feet in length. There are 36 exit doors and stairwells that lead out of these underground passageways...

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American Precision Prototyping Purchases Viper Pro SLA System From 3D Systems
Cargill And Novozymes To Enable Production Of Acrylic Acid Via 3HPA From Renewable Raw Materials
Energy Absorbing Springs Made With VICTREX PEEK Polymer Meet Extreme Demands Of Oil And Gas Industry
Renolit "Samoa Teak" 3-D Laminates Match Popular Melamine, HPL
A&R Logistics Announces Property Acquisition
Spartanics Unveils First ID Card Punching System
Inch Size Nylon Plastic Hand Knobs Offered By J.W. Winco
Featured Products
Mechanical Feeders and Conveyors
Low-horsepower, high-capacity mechanical feeders from Eriez handle bulk materials in volumes up to 2250tph (2040mtph)...

LabScan XE Automated Spectrophotometer
This most versatile 0°/45° spectrophotometer measures reflected color the way the eye sees it, including the effect of gloss...

VeriColor Spectro Environmental Enclosure
Ensure the accuracy of instrument readings and reduce maintenance costs in harsh environments with this easy-to-use enclosed system that permits operations in severe temperatures and prevents contaminants from affecting the cleanliness or performance of the instrument lens...

Magnesium-Based Adsorbent
Designed for potable water treatment and certified to NSF Standard 60, the FloMag G-PWT is a patented, granular magnesium-based adsorbent...

Bulk Bag Dischargers
The good economy and high safety levels of Bulk Bag Dischargers for the handling of a variety of materials are major factors towards their use by a wide and ever-increasing range of industries...

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Application Note: Color And Appearance Measurement In The Plastic Industry
The plastic industry is separated into two sections, thermoplastics and thermoset. The Thermoplastics is the majority of the plastic industry. Each section is further divided into highly specialized industries that are responsible for all the plastic things you might commonly see every day...
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