Newsletter | October 5, 2007

PlasticsNet Newsletter: Albemarle To Launch New Generation Of Fine Precipitated ATH

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Albemarle To Launch New Generation Of Fine Precipitated ATH
Albemarle Corporation, the world leader in flame retardants, has developed a new generation of its MARTINAL finely precipitated aluminum trihydrate (ATH) flame retardants to meet customer demand for improved processability in compounding operations...

Prestige Car Maker Finds Solution To Polystyrene Waste
Polystyrene is an excellent packaging material due to its insulating and protective properties. Unfortunately, once goods are delivered and opened then polystyrene becomes a waste material that companies must pay to dispose of...

X-Rite Gets Patent And Unveils Affordable, In-Line Spectrophotometer For Industry
X-Rite Inc. is introducing its VeriColor Spectro instrument that provides highly accurate, colormetric measurements under demanding factory environments for a price less than $20,000...

RIDGID Expands Line Of Plastic Tubing Cutters With RIDGID RC-1625 Ratcheting Plastic Cutter
The RIDGID line of plastic tubing cutters continues to expand with the RIDGID RC-1625 ratcheting plastic pipe and tubing cutter, from RIDGID. The new RC-1625 plastic cutter has a large capacity and has an advanced blade design that reduces the required cutting force...

Rennco's Low Energy Seal System And Uptime Jaw Improve Performance And Maintenance On Polybag Packaging Lines
Rennco's new Low Energy Seal System and Uptime Jaw Assembly provide customers with effective tools to improve packaging line performance, maintenance and package quality for their polybagged products...

AERT Begins Production Using Latest Generation Extrusion Technology At Springdale South
Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc. announced recently that it has successfully begun production of its latest generation "two-up", multiple-profile composite extrusion machinery at the Company's Springdale South manufacturing facility...

Composite Advantage Uses Modified Processing Techniques To Produce Large Composite Structural Panels
Composite Advantage LLC (CA) has developed modified processing techniques and combined them with a patented core material to manufacture cost-effective, large Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) composite parts for structurally demanding applications...

Acrilex Introduces Neon Lights Acrylic Sheets
Acrilex, Inc., a leading producer and distributor of high-end custom-colored acrylics, announces its Acriglas Neon Lights series of acrylic sheets. The series is ideal for use in point of purchase displays, store fixtures, lighting and sign or lettering applications...

DS8000 Products Engineered For Abrasive And Corrosive Compounds
Davis-Standard, LLC recently added to its bi-metallic barrel lining product series to support applications with highly abrasive and corrosive properties...

Americhem Technology Fuels Innovative New Roofing Product By Armorlite
Americhem, a global supplier of color and additive solutions for polymer-based products, has recently been involved in the development of products for ArmorLite Roofing Technology, LLC. The product line features extremely lightweight, yet durable, eco-friendly roofing materials...

Featured Products
Custom Systems
Mokon offers a wide variety of options and accessories to meet your specific needs. We can custom design and build any system to your specifications...

LF Microleak Detecting Machine (Lyophilized Products and Ampoules)
The LF Microleak detecting Machine features high repeatitivity and very low noise levels...

Bench Top Spectrophotometer CM-3600d
The Konica Minolta CM-3600d benchtop spectrophotometer for reflectance and transmittance color measurement features patented technical advancements which were developed using proprietary research, development and manufacturing techniques that maximize user value and features while reducing product costs...

Biaxially-Oriented Film
The worldwide film demand is steadily growing. Growth in biaxially-oriented films for the packaging industry is especially strong...

Flame Retardants & Smoke Suppressants
MagShield magnesium hydroxide products are designed to provide non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-halogenated flame retardance and smoke suppression...

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Case Study: CEE Uses New Regenerative Oxidizer Technology To Replace Older Catalytic Oxidizer With Additional Heat Recovery
Controlled Environment Equipment was called in by a Metal Coating Facility in the Midwest to review an existing installation that was not meeting their current requirements for VOC Control...
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Printed Electronics USA
November 12-15
San Francisco, CA

Aimed at product developers, end users, researchers, scientists and venture capitalists, this event is the only one to cover all of organic and printed inorganic electronics. In particular, we look at routes to commercialization with views from major adopters.

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