News | October 18, 2008

HunterLab Introduces New Easy-to-Use Portable Color Measurement Instrument

Source: HunterLab - Measure Color...Measure Quality

The NEW MiniScan EZ is a portable color measurement instrument that can be used on the plant floor, the production line, or outdoors to measure the reflected color of your product. Its ergonomic design features a rubberized handle that provides sure-handed carrying and virtually eliminates user fatigue when measuring a large number of samples. The measurements can be stored in memory for later printout or download to a PC.

Some outstanding features include:

  • Superior measurement repeatability and agreement between multiple instruments
  • Thousands of measurements using standard AA batteries
  • Button pad for thumb-tip navigation of all functions
  • Weighs only 2.25 lb (including batteries)
  • Very easy to use

For more information, please call HunterLab at (703) 471-6870, send e-mail to or visit

SOURCE: HunterLab - Measure Color...Measure Quality