News | September 25, 2018

Mountain West Recycler Upgrades Facility To Handle 1-7 Post-Consumer Plastics

Revolve Recycling is facing the global plastics problem head on as Chinese import restrictions continue to plague recycling markets world-wide.

Logan, UT (PRWEB) - Mountain West recycler, Revolve Recycling, is investing in additional equipment to handle 1-7 plastics as Chinese import restrictions remain firm. The new system will add 12 jobs and will be able recover HDPE, LDPE Rigid, PET, and PP plastic from post-consumer bales materials located throughout the Western US.

"We're taking an innovative approach to handling a material that is otherwise destined to the landfill," Jeremy Dustin, VP of Operations at Revolve said. "...the new system design will substantially increase our processing tonnage and allow us to adjust and adapt quickly to changing market conditions."

Dustin added that most Material Recovery Facilities don't have the ability to process 1-7 plastics like Revolve. The equipment design will set the company apart from other facilities, allowing them to broaden their services throughout the Western US. He foresees Revolve providing relief to an otherwise hemorrhaging plastics market.

A recent study concluded that 91% plastics consumed world-wide are discarded. China has only been adding salt to the wound--outlawing nearly all grades of scrap plastic imports. While some recyclers are waiting for a market 'comeback', Revolve is actively seeking out solutions of their own. Over the next several months, Revolve will be looking for additional tonnage of 1-7 mixed plastics. The company will be seeking out material from Washington, Oregon, Nevada, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, and other neighboring states. Dustin indicated that the company expects to reach capacity by January of 2019.

Revolve Recycling opened in June of 2017. The company was founded by members of ACP Solutions Group, which currently manages material acquisition and logistics for Revolve. For more information regarding material supply and sales, contact ACP Solutions @ 435-213-1982, or the Revolve Facility @ 435-213-1930.

Source: PRWeb

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