Datasheet | August 8, 2011

LF-TRM Off-Line Leak Testing Machine For Prefilled Syringes Tubs

Source: TASI Group: Bonfiglioli Engineering and Sepha

The Leak Testing Machine is used for off-line Non-Destructive Integrity Testing of Tubs(Trays) of pre-filled syringes. It performs the Leak Testing process on one Tub at a time by means of a Testing Section under Vacuum. Whether the result is Conforming or Non Conforming, the HMI clearly displays the status and the bottom part position on the screen.


  • Reliability guaranteed above 99%
  • Precise detection of micro leaks
  • High repeatitivity
  • Very low noise levels
  • Easy cleaning
  • Low energy consumption
  • Almost maintenance-free
  • Simple to use
  • Low investment cost - Very fast pay back
  • High sensitivity
  • Displaying recording and printing of the tests carried out
  • Leak testing method according to ASTM F-2338-05
  • Validation documentation to comply with FDA protocols
  • Real Time software based on soft Plc platformsharing data with as simple HMI application via OPC technology.