Company Profile | March 23, 2001

LaRos Equipment

Source: LaRos Equipment
LaRos Equipment LaRos Equipment, Co. Inc. offers the following basic types of products as a part of our complete line of heavy duty, high quality parts handling automation equipment.

  • E-SERIES PARTS HANDLING/GENERAL PURPOSE CONVEYORS AND CENTRAL CONVEYOR SYSTEMS: Up to 96" wide straight, inclined, descending, horizontal-decline, horizontal-incline, and horizontal-decline-horizontal units to any length. All voltages and speeds (including variable) available. Robot Interface Control Panels to index reverse, fill boxes or totes, etc. Custom painted mild steel, stainless steel, or structural aluminum construction.

  • PART/RUNNER SEPARATORS: Patented Finger Separators with special features for "multi-runner/multi-cavity" molds, either self-powered and free-standing or slave-driven from and mounted to under-press/incline conveyors. Also Rotary Screw Separators and Rotary Tumbler Separators.

  • ET-SERIES GRINDER FEED CONVEYORS: ET has low profile discharge end for fit into grinder opening. High capacity receiving hoppers for gaylord dump. Metal detectors (plate and aperture) and Metal Separation Pulleys.

  • BLE-SERIES CONTAINER FILLING SYSTEMS/TU-SERIES TOTE FILLING SYSTEMS: Inline and Poly-tier Indexing Conveyors for boxes; Vertical unstackers and restackers for nesting/stacking totes. Containers filled by cycle count or counting scale. Central process monitoring system/network communication. PCA Carton Agitator for settling box contents (cutlery, etc.).

  • BME-SERIES BLOW MOLDING CONVEYORS AND SEPARATORS: Custom containment and fit to extrusion blow molding machines. Moil/tail separation methods available.

  • COOL-VEYOR SERIES PART CONDITIONING CONVEYORS: Ducted blower with heat exchanger, high volume ambient air blowers and anti-stat blowers. Total conveyor enclosure/isolation available. Interface to portable air conditioner systems.

  • WATER-VEYOR SERIES PART QUENCHING CONVEYORS: For cooling/stabilizing thick-wall molded parts. Patented version with special features for floating parts. Pump and spray nozzle network systems.

  • SMART-VEYOR SERIES IMM QC INTERFACE: Automatic reversing as function of reject signal from injection molding machine process control.

  • AIR-VEYOR SERIES AIR CONVEYING: 1/3 thru 10 hp direct drive blowers with receivers for blowing parts or scrap. Custom Decelerators.

  • RRSS SERIES REGRIND SCREENER: For regrind fines removal; with easily clean-able screens and up to 750 lbs. per hour throughput.

  • CWS SERIES CAROUSEL WORK STATIONS: Up to 120" diameter flat, coned or custom surface revolving units. Fixed work tables and conveyor-integrated work stations.

  • CUSTOM FABRICATION: Chutes, bins, hoppers; stationary or portable.

  • REPLACEMENT BELTING: For any type of conveyor. For further information, please contact us.