News | October 24, 2008

INVISTA Introduces PolyShield Resin Technology In The U.S.

CHARLOTTE, N.C.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--INVISTA, one of the world's largest integrated polymers and fibers producers, is now offering its PolyShield® resins for PET barrier packaging applications to the U.S. market. This breakthrough monolayer PET barrier technology is already used extensively in Europe for beer, juice, wine, carbonated beverages, and other oxygen-sensitive food and beverage packaging applications. PolyShield® resin technology is used to preserve the fresh taste of products and provides more than one year of shelf life.

PolyShield® resin features active oxygen scavenging and passive carbonation barrier when combined with MXD6 and provides outstanding clarity for tinted bottles. PolyShield® resin-MXD6 blends can be processed on standard PET preform and bottle manufacturing equipment with only minor changes and with minimal additional investment. This technology provides a cost-effective solution to brand owners that need high-barrier PET bottle packaging to protect and differentiate their products.

"The opportunity to take this well-established and proven barrier technology to the U.S. food and beverage packaging industry comes at the right time," said Chris Hamman, president of INVISTA's Polymer and Resins division. "PolyShield® resins are INVISTA's contribution to address the shelf life requirements for oxygen-sensitive foods, which historically could not be effectively packaged in PET. The performance of PolyShield® resin has been proven in the European market for oxygen-sensitive food and beverage packaging applications, and this success has driven INVISTA to launch this product in the U.S."

In addition, cold beverages packaged in PolyShield® resin stay cold longer than beverages packed in equivalent glass bottles or aluminum cans due to the excellent insulating properties of PET. PolyShield® bottles are an excellent choice for products such as beer where the consumer desires a container that insulates and keeps the beverage cold longer than typical glass bottles and aluminum cans.

The advantages of PolyShield® resin have been proven in demanding consumer markets. PolyShield® resin-MXD6 blends are currently used in monolayer bottles by several European breweries to ensure that the consumers have a superior experience when enjoying their premium beer brands. Many of these brewers have successfully grown sales and increased unit margins year-after-year since implementing packaging made from PolyShield® resin.

PolyShield® resin-MXD6 blends are cleared for certain food packaging applications such as beer, wine, juice, and many other oxygen-sensitive foods under the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act. Recycling studies indicate that PolyShield® resin-MXD6 blends can be recycled at up to 50 percent into fiberfill and strapping tape markets. For more information about PolyShield® resin, visit

INVISTA is one of the world's largest integrated producers of polymers and fibers, primarily for nylon, spandex and polyester applications. With approximately 16,000 employees and a business presence in over 20 countries, INVISTA's global businesses deliver exceptional value for their customers through technology innovations, market insights and a powerful portfolio of global trademarks including: ADI-PURE®, ANTRON®, AVORA®, C12™, COMFOREL®, COOLMAX®, CORDURA®, CORFREE®, DACRON®, DBE®, DYTEK®, FRESHFX™, LYCRA®, PERFORMA™, POLARGUARD®, POLYSHIELD®, POLYCLEAR®, SOLARMAX®, STAINMASTER®, SUPPLEX®, SUPRIVA®, TACTEL®, TACTESSE®, TERATE®, TERATHANE® and THERMOLITE®. For more information, visit

In 2004, subsidiaries of Koch Industries acquired INVISTA from DuPont. Formerly DuPont Textiles and Interiors, INVISTA was merged with KoSa, an affiliate of Koch since 1998 and producer of commodity and specialty polyester fibers, polymers and intermediates. Koch Industries, Inc. owns a diverse group of companies that employs about 80,000 people and has a presence in about 60 countries around the world. It is primarily a family-owned company built on values such as integrity, humility and a desire to add real, long-term value to society. Its unique Market-Based Management® approach has fueled its growth and success over the years.

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