News | December 3, 2016

INDEVCO & Napco To Jointly Provide Reliable Plastics Compounds Under Newly Launched MicroMB Brand

MicroMB brand provides high-quality additives, fillers, masterbatches, and recycled resins in various processes including injection molding, blow molding, blown film, thermoforming, and other processing methods.

MicroMB brand consolidates expertise in additives, fillers, masterbatches, and recycled resins across INDEVCO and Napco companies globally in nine key industrial sectors. MicroMB reduces production costs, improves end product characteristics and generates cost-effective products in the plastic industry. MicroMB enhances productivity by increasing throughput, reducing cycle time, and improving product quality.

MicroMB Reach & Sectors Served
The new brand leverages the expertise and locations of Micro Epsilon in Lebanon, Masterpak Nile in Egypt, and Recom in Saudi Arabia to effectively serve customers around the world.

MicroMB brand supports the key strengths we bring to the market: technical expertise, product consistency and customization.

MicroMB compounded polymers serve agriculture and animal feed, appliances, automotive and transportation, building, construction and landscaping, consumer goods, electrics and electronics, healthcare, flexible and rigid packaging, textiles and fibers.