News | January 28, 2020

Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd. Has Developed Nano Cellulose And Biodegradable Resin Composite Material (100% Natural Biomass, No Petroleum) Which Can Be Used For Mass Production With Injection Molding Machines

Kawanishi City, Japan /PRNewswire/ - Environmental problems including global warming, micro plastic pollution etc. are getting worse every day in the whole world. It is predicted that the amount of plastic garbage will be more than that of fish by 2050. There are also some scientific reports that these microplastics are already in our human body. Therefore, plastic recycling, reduction of plastic usage itself, and biodegradable plastic usage and development, have been intensively challenged and carried out.

In this regard, Dr. Ryohei Mori at Green Science Alliance Co. Ltd. has developed PLA (Poly Lactic Acid) and nano cellulose based biodegradable resin materials which can be used for mass production with normal injection machines. He has designed this new material with 100 % nature biomass materials and no petroleum is used. So far, PLA often suffer from its bad molding property and crystallinity so that it is basically difficult to do mass production with injection machines. However, with this new material, one can easily do mass production with normal injection machine which should be the big step in this industry.

Green Science Alliance has now started supplying this PLA and nano cellulose composite material for injection molding, as pellet products. They will also make biodegradable molding products such as cutlery, dish, cup etc… with these new innovative biodegradable resin materials, with their company own trademark "Nano Sakura".

Source: Green Science Alliance Co., Ltd.

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