News | June 10, 2009

Green Earth, Inc. Announces 'Green Machine' — Energy-Saving Solutions For Industry

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Brochure: Green Machine — Waste Heat To Power

Green Earth, Inc. is an environmental company taking up the challenge of ‘greener industry' for the 21st century.

After attending the 2009 Renewable Energy Summit, Ms. Diane Zak, CEO of Green Earth Inc., recognized that incentive money is available for companies who want to lower their energy costs by reducing energy usage. Opportunities exist for industry at this time to not only reap the benefits of reduced energy costs, but also get substantial monetary assistance from available incentive money.

Green Earth, Inc. provides energy-efficient heat recovery equipment, energy-efficient lighting, power generation equipment utilizing waste heat, and other technologies which will reduce utility bills. The employees of Green Earth, Inc. have been providing industry with energy recovery installations since 1977, utilizing air-to-air heat exchangers, air-to-water and water-to-water heat exchangers, as well as closed-loop run-around glycol heat recovery systems. This technology is back again because of increased energy costs, as well as the public awareness to conserve energy for our next generations. Green Earth, Inc. is dedicated to this cause.

Our staff of experienced sales engineers assist commercial and industrial companies in identifying and qualifying applications that will reduce energy consumption and provide a solid rate of return on investment. Green Earth's awareness of global environmental concerns to safeguard energy resources has been our focus, as depicted in our mission statement: "Green Earth Inc. shall be a Steward of the Environment, protecting our planet against pollution and wasted energy consumption. Renewable energy shall be the result of our engineering expertise and product application."

Green Earth will provide state-of-the-art products specifically designed to reduce energy usage. We partner with Controlled Environment Corporation, a pollution control engineering firm, which has the capability to evaluate our customers' unique application, then design and implement the solution. Significant reduction in pollution emissions, as well as reduction in energy usage, may qualify our customers for government rebates or credits that are part of the new federal stimulus initiative.

A new technology offered by Green Earth Inc. is the "Green Machine" manufactured by ElectraTherm Inc., in Carson City, NV. The "Green Machine" recovers energy value from heat that would have been lost, and uses it to produce additional electricity without emissions. The result is revenue from additional kilowatts generated, reduced emissions per kilowatt, and greater compliance with emissions standards. This technology has been tested and proven in Europe; and Green Earth recently completed an agreement with Electra Therm to introduce this breakthrough technology into the industrial markets of the Midwest.

The Green Machine has the ability to create 50 to 500Kw of electricity from waste heat. In effect, a previous "waste product" related to production is transformed into a valuable asset — a new source of renewable energy, that produces zero emissions and replaces the use of traditional energy. The next generation of "Green Machine" products will be in the 5Kw range and extend these savings to smaller users in additional industry segments. Companies that implement this technology have the option to use the electricity for themselves, lowering the need for traditional power sources, or can sell the capacity back to the local power company which uses it in the electrical grid.

Ms. Zak explains, "The new government stimulus package provides businesses with incentives to up-grade their facilities by implementing new technology which previously was not available or cost-effective. Green Earth, Inc. will focus on applications which will provide savings of energy consumption, thus qualifying our customers for programs that reduce out-of-pocket costs." Green Earth Inc. is located in North Prairie, WI.

SOURCE: Controlled Environment Equipment