News | May 15, 2018

General Plastics To Spotlight Lightweight Composite Core And Dielectric Materials At SAMPE, May 22-23

Rigid and flexible polyurethane foam pioneer, General Plastics Manufacturing Co., will showcase its lightweight composite core and dielectric materials as well as tooling boards and extensive molded parts capabilities at booth N13, at the SAMPE Show on May 22-23 in Long Beach, CA.

Tacoma, WA (PRWEB) - General Plastics Manufacturing Company, an early and ongoing innovator within the composites industry, will be participating in the SAMPE Technical Conference and Exhibition May 22-23 in Long Beach, California. The AS9100D-certified, Nadcap-accredited supplier of high-performance polyurethane foam products and custom composite parts will be presenting its rigid and flexible foam products, and samples of its tooling and production capabilities at BOOTH N13 in the Long Beach Convention Center.

Dielectric Polyurethane Foams
General Plastics’ array of dielectric materials fulfills varied needs for applications involving transmission and receipt of wireless electronic signals. These include radomes; aerospace, marine and recreational microwave antennas; and other radio-frequency communications systems. All are closed-cell, dimensionally stable, hydrophobic and easy-to-machine foams. The advanced LAST-A-FOAM® RF-2200Dielectric Foam Series optimally satisfies requirements for an RF-transparent, low-signal-loss protective layer in radomes and other antennas exposed to harsh weather conditions. With a Tg that exceeds 350º Fahrenheit, these products support processing of high-temperature composite prepregs. They are available in standard densities of 3, 4 and 6 pcf, plus custom densities to meet specific dielectric requirements.

Composite Core Foams
Attendees will be able to see samples of the company’s lightweight, flame-retardant composite core materials, which retain their physical properties over time. These polyurethane foams remain strong and stable; bond easily; and are easily finished, thanks to their smooth, fine cell structures. They are both versatile and economical when utilized in place of traditional core materials. For example, they do not absorb water and are a non-decaying substitute for wood in the marine industry, and a lightweight, less-costly alternative to aluminum and honeycomb in the aerospace and automotive industries. Our LAST-A-FOAM® core materials also support fiberglass-infusion processes and do not release any toxic substances.

Tooling Boards
At the booth, General Plastics will have samples of its ready-to-use, easy-to-bond tooling foam boards, as well as a sample tool produced in-house. These rigid boards maintain dimensional stability and withstand peak temperatures up to 400ºF, making them ideal for use in vacuum-forming and high-temperature autoclave applications. With their uniform cell structures and smooth surface finish, they are also easy to machine for achieving fine finishes on master models and plugs, mold and foundry patterns and composite tooling. Their ability to bond securely using myriad adhesive systems supports building of large-scale products. And, these products are far less expensive and much lighter weight than aluminum billet and other metals for creating prototype or limited-run tooling.

Molded Parts And Production Services
Exhibition attendees will be able to examine samples and explore General Plastics’ mold-making capabilities using its self-skinning and self-extinguishing flexible and rigid foams. Its molding services span custom sizes, pattern-to-print production, machining, complete fabrication and assembly. The company’s five-axis CNC machine allows it to produce highly complex shapes and a fine surface finish with extreme accuracy to meet customers’ exacting specifications and requirements.

About General Plastics Manufacturing Company
Tacoma, Washington-based General Plastics Manufacturing Company has been a leading innovator in the plastics industry for more than 75 years. The company develops and manufactures rigid and flexible polyurethane foam products, which include its signature LAST-A-FOAM® brand series and build-to-print composite parts.

Directly or through its network of distributors, General Plastics serves the aerospace and defense, nuclear packaging, composite core, prototype and modeling, construction, dimensional signage, testing and marine industries. General Plastics is certified to ISO 9001:2008/AS9100D, Nadcap-accredited (AC7130 Rev. A and AC7130/1 Rev.), and meets the rigorous demands of numerous leading quality systems, which include NQA-1, Mil-I-45208A and Boeing Company D6-82479. Please visit


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