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GC Collaborates With I.P. ONE To Launch The 'Vixol: Transformative Innovation For Sustainable World' Campaign, Marking The First Time In Thailand Of Recycled Colored Plastic Bottles.

Bangkok /PRNewswire/ - I.P. ONE, a leading Thai FMCG market leader, supports the concept of Circular Economy and Zero Waste by partnering with ENVICCO, a company within the GC Group, and ALPLA Packaging to introduce the "Vixol: Transformative Innovation for Sustainable World" campaign for the first time in Thailand. This initiative involves transforming discarded colored plastic household waste into recyclable bottles, piloting it with the "VIXOL POWER black bottle," creating a closed loop system for sustainable plastic packaging production.

Mr. Chayon Jetjirawat, Executive Vice President, Strategy Group and Commercial Group, I.P. One Co., Ltd. stated, "I.P. One is recognized as a producer and distributor of Thai consumer goods under popular brands such as Hygiene, Vixol, Ivy, Dance, and Focus. For over 50 years, I.P. One has conducted its business operations that is aligned with sustainability, considering the value of resources and the environment. 'Into Sustainability' is one of the core values at I.P. One, ensuring that all our products are 'user-friendly and environmentally safe,' aiming to enhance the quality of life while caring for the world. This involves developing products and innovations in line with the concept of Circular Economy, starting from product design, production processes, and the utilization of packaging, aiming to collect them into the recycling system for further use."

In addition, I.P. One has also supported the concept of zero waste, setting a target by 2025. All plastic and waste generated from the factories at I.P. One can be entirely collected into the recycling process or transformed into energy. This encompasses the "Vixol" (VIXOL) products, the company's flagship brand that epitomizes innovation and sustainability from the beginning. For instance, reducing the size of plastic caps to lightweight ones has aided in reducing plastic usage by over 10 tons per year. As pioneers in Thailand for this initiative, I.P. One has received collaboration from partners such as ENVICCO, a GC Group company, and ALPLA Packaging Thailand. Together, we have developed innovative techniques to reuse HDPE plastic bottles, part of the Vixol range, in a closed loop system. They have established the method of sorting and recycling household-used packaging to create PCR HDPE (Post Consumer Recycled HDPE) plastic, reformulating it into new Vixol bottles. The project has created a closed loop system for producing over 20 million Vixol bottles annually, preventing them from becoming waste in the environment. This initial step is expected to spark a transformative change within society, including educating consumers on recycling plastics and considering the sustainable use of resources.

Mr. Saroj Phutthammawong, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Sales - Industry Platforms at PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited (GC), stated, "As a leading global chemical company that enhances people's lives with innovative plastics and chemicals following our vision of Chemistry for Better Living, GC emphasizes on sustainable business operations by prioritizing an ESG balance of the environment, society, and corporate governance and economic. Based on Circular Economy concept, we have concrete plans to become a low-carbon organization and strive to achieve Net Zero emissions by 2050. GC and ENVICCO, the world-class producer of high-quality post-consumer recycled plastic resin, has conducted research and developed two types of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR): PCR HDPE for personal care product packaging and household utility products and PCR PET for food and beverage packaging which gained the 1st in Thailand FDA approved, also have received certifications from various authorities, including U.S. FDA and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Most recently, our company has collaborated with I.P. One, the producer of Vixol products - Thailand's pioneering brand utilizing recycled plastic packaging. Together, we've utilized the 'GC YOUturn' platform to manage used plastics efficiently, reducing the use of new plastic resin and tackling the plastic waste issue in the country. This initiative significantly reduces carbon dioxide emissions. In the past, plastic bottles were disposed of or buried without effective management. Hence, this presents a highly significant and novel option for consumers who value environmentally conscious, high-quality products."

Mr. Isares Jaruwansathit, Head of Product Development, Asia Region, Alpla Packaging (Thailand) Co., Ltd., said, "Building on this success, ALPLA is poised to pioneer innovations to promote the circular economy system further. This includes designing packaging according to Desig4Recycling, starting with engineering designs to minimize weight and utilizing recycled materials to meet both business and environmental demands. This endeavor aims to enhance the sustainability of recycling practices in Thailand and develop alternative material bottle packaging, such as paper-based solutions."

Source: PTT Global Chemical Public Company Limited

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