News | November 13, 2017

Find Injection Molding And Cast Urethane Molding Services At HLH Prototypes

HLH Prototypes is a leading firm situated in Shenzhen, China that provides manufacturing, product development, and prototyping services to its diverse clientele worldwide. The enterprise is under the umbrella of HLH Technology Co Ltd which has dual branches that is, HLH Mold Technology Co Ltd and HLH Prototypes Co. Ltd. HLH Prototypes forte is offering small volume manufacturing solutions, prototyping, and additive manufacturing whereas HLH Mold Technology specialty is the production of mold tooling for plastic injection molding in China and foreign clients. Assurances they offer is excellent products that give their clientele value for their money and timely completion of their work.

Speaking of their plastic injection molding process, Nissan He, the Sales Manager said, “Our injection mold process rotates around four key practices namely, clamping, injection, cooling, and ejection. Clamping is the initial procedure, and it implicates safely closing the hydraulic powered clamping unit that thrusts the two mold halves jointly. Raw plastic is then injected to the equipment, and it melts due to heat and pressure as it gets to the mold cavity. Cooling is then triggered with cooling solutions added to hasten the procedure before the concluding ejection of a solid mold. This course is highly flexible and works seamlessly for any project that needs the making of plastic products.”

HLH Prototypes ought to top the list of those looking to find China injection molding companies for these reasons. The company has capitalized in machines that can manage approximately 300 tons of press sizes. Their cost-efficient molding services are significant for clients who want rapid productions while operating on a budget and are keen to meet the product stipulations. Also, their injection molding is an ideal selection for both huge and small-sized production runs, and HLH can work with a variety plastic and metallic materials to deliver excellent and low-cost injection molding solutions

Speaking at an industrial corporate marketing event, Nissan He, the Sales Manager said, “If you are looking for companies that offer cast urethane molding solutions then you should choose us. We have an onsite facility that candie-cast production parts in urethane, and we have finishes such powder coat and paint, anodizing, threading, CNC machining, tapping holes and others upon your request. We offer you with a team of expert engineers that can bring out the exact particulars demanded, in addition to proposing areas for enhancement in the design when appropriate. The team of engineers can also provide you with full tool design drawings and validation on appeal. An assurance we give is we provide these services according to your budget, and we complete our work on time.”

Security is of importance to HLH Prototypes. As such, they have invested in a 360- degree style to security. HLH Prototypes has physical security comprising security officers, exterior and interior CCTV cameras, and a biometric right of entry to all floors. They also have capitalized in the latest security technology specifically data encryption in all their systems to keep all their clients project secret and safe. These security measures are functional 24/7 so; clients can be confident at all times.

SOURCE: HLH Prototypes